Build the AAC and make it home

If ESPN could find some justification to do so, they would choose to de-monetize another weakened power conference - to move toward a Big 4 or a P4 model. It’s all about the $$$ to them.

So if UT and OU were to leave the Big12, it would make it fairly easy for ESPN to justify downgrading the remainder Big12 conference to somewhere around an AAC financial status.


All I’m reading is that college ball is a business and we need to act like it.

That’s the paradigm shift that never should have happened.

Minor league football would be a business, just like the NFL and the league hierarchies in other sports. Minor league football could pay players, avoid the cheating associated with artificial labor constraints, etc.

Get the money out of the college game by promoting a minor league alternative. Let college ball be for student athletes and alumni. It won’t be as big, but it will level the field by taking the greed and cheating incentive away.


Oh we had asperations of being P5, and still do. On the other hand, please name the P5 which is interested in UH – it’s not like we are playing hard to get. But, until we can show enough fan support to justify be added, I am not holding my breath. So, while you are calling people stupid, maybe you should consider self reflection.

Some of us just think it is a waste of our own time to worry about something we have no control over. I am enjoying our AAC games, they have been very competitive; winning the conference once shows the AAC is not beneath us.


The AAC can become like the old big East over time. We need the money but a lot of p5 s waste their money so. I attend to see us play whoever it is. We shall see what happens around 2023 or so and if not, we keep building up as a school and in the aac then there will be more chances down the road.

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To me its just about fair competition. Why would anybody claim to be the best knowing full well you cheated and held down your competitors? What has happened to us? All this money grabbing is destroying the sports we love to enjoy.

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Minor league football will take care of the problems with college football? Just like the G League did for basketball…

Did I say the contrary Mike? Making the assumption that P5 conferences are not interested in us does not fly. How in the world do you know that Mike or Mooncoog. You and I have no clues. That we can agree on. Again, do you think one P5 shows their cards before they play them? Every expansion has been done this way… Nobody telegraphs their decisions. Does a business ever do that? No, they do not. These P5’s like G5’s are business entities…like it or not. There are way too many posters that keep this narrative that the P5’s do not give a you know what toward U of H. Time will tell all of us when these contracts come up. Assumptions are stupid especially if you have no clue about the outcome. The AAC is fine for what it is. It is not our long term goal. This was the same when we were in cusa. How did we end up in the AAC? We thought the BIGEast was going to stay a P5. That is why we ended up in the AAC (Not the other way around) It is a stepping stone at best. Right We were a P5 and this is where we belong. We got …red too many times already. It is time that we catch onto the right train. I sure hope it is coming in 2025 or before.

The only evidence there ever was was a P5 interested in UH was the charade put on by the B12. Other than that, I have not seen any tangible indication of P5 interest, have you? If you have, please let me know.

I will say that there is speculation on TOS that Oliver Luck may get the PAC12 commissioner gig and some posters think that may help curry interest by them. But, there has been no indication from Luck that he will get the gig or will be interested in UH.

That is the whole point Mike. You and i do not know what the next media contracts will bring. Do not make assumptions. Do not do it because you do not know. How many times was a program not invited before it got into a P5? I stopped counting. Who in the world could have thought that some programs got invited into a P5. That’s my point. Time will tell. I choose to look at it as a glass half full. We have a ton to offer to a P5. There are many candidates that are way behind where we are.

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Chris, no neither of us know what the future will bring, but we do have opinions, and this being an opinion board, we express them. I just don’t see any evidence to support P5 interest at this time and will not waste my time trying to conjure up an invitation. That is my opinion, to say it is stupid is obtuse. Because you want a different outcome (that we all would welcome) doesn’t mean those with different opinions are stupid. Had you not claimed it stupid to have that opinion, I wouldn’t have posted a counter opinion, and just chalked your opinion up to wishful thinking.

Yes, under the principle that incentives matter. Mick Cronin at UCLA was just quoted talking about losing a recruit to the G league. As it gains legitimacy, players will choose the paycheck without the academic strings, unless they have a desire to go to college, just like in baseball.

With support and legitimacy conferred by the NFL, a minor league(s) would offer players who want to get paid the chance to play, while those who want the college degree can go that route, and both end up in the draft after 3 years. The incentive to pay schools and their conferences will diminish, especially for unequal pay, providing fair opportunities for all teams. The incentive to draw the elitest coach goes down, reducing budgets. The incentive to build 110k seat palaces with club med training facilities would go down, reducing budgets.

The incentive to do all the unfair stuff comes from a lack of options for players.

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