Ch 2 investigation into UH athletic department over UH soccer Thabo cases (update: current players respond to JD)

I just saw a tease for tonight’s news. It said “are UH athletes being pushed too hard?”. It is from their investigation team. Anyone heard what it’s about?

Sounds like the issue that came up with women’s soccer. My understanding is that it has already been addressed.


I remember something about the soccer program but nothing else.

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These people have been going hard on trying to make us look bad for MONTHS. The incident was addressed the trainer was fired and it only affected the Womens soccer team.


Oh my, really…? Not a good look to our soccer program.


Go back to sleep.


People actually watch Channel 2 ???

Their sports dept is as bad as Channel 11’s !!

Both are manned by complete “tools” !!


They already aired that…Air the horns or Aggies laundry!!!


Oh, they will never do that; those are their EMPLOYERS!


UH sports coverage by the local media is abysmal, and always has been. It seems that only Berman (Fox) gives a rip about us.
Here in Northern Nevada, it is so very refreshing to watch all the local stations completely support and embrace the local university (Nevada)…they all wear school logos and colors every single Friday…
I makes me sick how our “local” stations under report our successes and over hype any shortcomings. And that is a FACT. I do not miss this aspect of my native hometown.


Yeah, how dare those 12 young women get hospitalized for rhabdomyolysis :unamused:

In all seriousness, there’s nothing new here as far as I know. The S&C coach in question (Bowens) was dismissed and Pezman put additional measures in place.

I don’t think its an issue with an overzealous coach and staff as almost all of the previous staff’s recruits stayed on to play for Bocanegra and his new staff. Also he’s kept mostly the same staff in place except for his top assistant who got a job at a Big Ten school (Iowa).

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Good, it shouldn’t happen again. Our student athletes come first.

No - not “ALWAYS”! Back in the very early days, when we had 3 local newspapers, and BEFORE we integrated our teams, we got generally fair coverage - generally. But, that has now changed: now we have only one newspaper, and practically all of the sports people are beholden to the pros - or the horns and gaggies [sorry for the redundancy]; they have become “presstitutes”!


McElvoy is a SHSU grad. Pitched for them. Adam Wexler probably tweets more UHCoog info than only Berman when it comes to local Sportscasters. I have no liking to one or the other in regards to local TV Sportscasters . Just giving some info fwiw.

The “local” news stations here in Houston don’t mention a thing when UT or A&M do wrongs, such as when UT admins use tax payers’ money to buy that 305 acres in southwest Houston without any authorization from the state government or when UT officials allowed the children of their cronies to be admitted to the school without meeting the necessary requisites or merits, but boy are they quick to look for any dirt to bury UH with!

It’s as if the entire media system (TV, radio, newspaper, Internet, etc) in Houston is simply a propaganda arm of UT designed to make UH look bad and UT look good!


I watch Channel 2 because i like Dominique Sachse and Bill Baeza.


I didn’t know the channel 2 sports dept knew where UH was.

Sachse is very close to Fertitta family , which is where McElvoy comes in when he’s able to have 1/1 sit downs w Fertitta on few occasions. Wouldn’t doubt that he didn’t use Fertitta tie-in to get 1/1 interview he did w CDH recently. Again not protecting one over the other, could careless but some may be quick to rush to judgement. Not always about attacking UH. Newsroom can get slow at times, I’ve seen much worse reports.

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What the heck ever! Jennifer Reyna you are still my queen!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


About sums it up; should also include the gaggies in there with UT - and the OTHER professional teams!