Changes are ahead for UH after 7-5 season

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Applewhite is expected to immediately dive into the interview process and could have a replacement within a couple of weeks. The Cougars averaged 28.2 points per game, the lowest since 2005.

UH’s biggest losses on offense will come at receiver, where Bonner and Dunbar finished decorated careers among the school’s top 10 in several categories. Younger players like Keith Corbin and Courtney Lark took big steps in development this season.

“I was talking to some of the younger guys that it’s their time for them to grow up and take up the torch and take on the responsibility of being leaders,” said Dunbar, who was named UH’s Hawaii Bowl Most Valuable Player after hauling in 10 catches for a career-high 197 yards in Sunday night’s 33-27 loss to Fresno State.


So we averaged less points per game than we did during levine’s First year with Piland at qb and where the OC was fired after the first game. I’m actually surprised by this.

(Randy ) #3

Yes, by quite a bit. We averaged 32.4 points per game in 2012.

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I am going to post this in multiple thread but if CMA does not address the OL we end up with the same record. Mr. Chris Scelfo has a nice resume. I want to see a major OL turn around come our first game.

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…but according to some people here, the defense is our biggest problem.

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I see that you’re posting this in multiple threads but can you agree that we saw an improvement this year?

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There also are big holes to fill on defense, specifically with the loss of top two tacklers Hines and Adams at linebacker. The emergence of Leroy Godfrey and David Anenih at the rush outside linebacker spot could allow the Cougars to consider moving Emeke Egbule inside.

I will also say that this move would be wise. Egbule struggled at OLB, especially during the Tulane game, where he got sucked inside as Tulane’s QB bounced out.

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I think it is fair to say that our caliber of competition was far higher this year in the American than in 2012 in cusa…APG is apples vs oranges


I’m not sure if the caliber of defenses we faced this year was any better-we faced a lot of sorry defenses this year.

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The offense was easily the biggest issue. The defense while not good enough to win games and looked really crappy with the tissue soft zone was not the biggest issue.

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Agreed. Was not impressed with Egbule as the Rush backer this year, but could see him succeed in Hines’ (i.e. The Roberts/Taylor) spot.

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We played some terrible defenses this year. I’d guess the average scoring defense this year wasn’t much better if at all. Also, 2012 CUSA isn’t that different than 2017 AAC. A lot of it is exactly the same.

(Mike Higdon) #13

That Levine team lost to TX St 13-30, lost to La Tech 49-56 (but put up a lot of points in losing), lost to UCLA 6-37, lost to SMU 42-72 (but put up a lot of points in losing), Lost to ECU 28-48, lost to Tulsa 7-41, and lost to Marshall 41-44 (but put up a lot of points in losing), There big wins were 35-14 at Rice, 44-21 against North Texas, 39-17 against UAB (who was so bad they closed the program for a couple of years), 45-35 against UTEP (who makes Prairie View look tough), and 40-17 against a Tulane team not nearly as good as they are now.

So, if you just want to run up the score, play really crummy teams and you will be happy.

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Yeah I’m not sure how this is a surprising stat. We’re playing better defenses this year than then and or offense was a pathetic pop gun offense.


Who were the nastiest Pro linemen, now retired but still alive today?
Maybe we should hire one as a “Motivational Consultant”. By nasty, I don’t mean dirty.

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Average ranking of opponent scoring defenses faced:

2012 - 86
2017 - 89

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Defense was not our biggest problem but it was a problem. I hate our new bend but don’t break philosophy and playing a crappy zone that any decent QB will pick a part.

(Randy ) #19

Yeah, that’s what I meant.

(Sam) #20

I was thinking move Godfrey, but Egbule might make more sense. He’s an athletic guy with size and speed but just doesn’t make many plays from his OLB position. I could see him doing better inside with Godfrey and Anenih outside. Guys like Milburn, Gooden, Parish, Willis-Dalton, and maybe Mutin and Goodson in reserve. That looks a little stronger than I thought the situation would be . I felt we had to get a JC ILB but we should be okay if Egbule can make the switch.