Chris Petersen Resigns at Washington

Did not see this coming.

Well then. An unexpected coaching twist.

Anyone who has driven OUTSIDE of Seattle knows there isn’t anything larger than towns like Columbus and LaGrange in Pac NW … slim to none pickings recruits-wise … and now that the LA region is looking like a ghost town with all the fires and now mud slides … I suspect Petersen knew the future looks BLEAK … especially now that Utah has a chance to make the playoffs and his BoiseSt and Husky teams never did …

The Seattle area is nice and so is their campus and stadium …

He did a Tom Herman and went 7-5!!
As Joaquin Andujar once said " too heat" !!

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He is a tremendous coach.

Can get another job if he wants one.


Well, there are several openings for head coaches and I’m sure one would want to hire him.

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Yes I agree. Has good track record as HC. I was just being sarcastic n trying to bring some more Tom Herman convo into forum, haven’t seen much lately!! :grin:

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My 1st thought was USC but from the article:
He is staying at Wash in Athletics Admin.
Jimmy Lake the replacement.

His Huskies team made the playoffs three years ago.


A difficult place to win due to recruiting limitations. At Boise he was a genius

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It’s hard enough to recruit in Washington state, but surrounding areas Montana, Idaho, Wyoming and Canada don’t offer much help either.

Is it health related? We won’t know. As far as recruiting he has ties up and down the West Coast. Now this if for PAWRFUL Dave.
Even though California is not number one right now it is still Nationally ranked third. This is far from your dire assumptions.

It might be family related. I believe he has a special needs child.

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He’s a different guy. Smart, and personal. I suspect it’s just family related.

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Yeah, I think he just wants some time off or working part-time or whatever, and will coach again when he’s ready.

I’m not a Cowboys fan in the slightest, so this is purely me guessing, would he be a candidate there?

Yepp … I can play that game … using NFL drafted stats

Going back three years … which is when the NFL started this website … the record for Calif. is 26 … 29 … 22

Seems to be DECLINING and less from the LA area … and fewer Pac12 teams … as I have already stated …


THE SUBTLETY here is NOT about stats or ghost towns or NFL draft records … BUT

THAT the Pac12 HAS TO LOOK east to untouched and new fertile recruiting grounds UNCLAIMED by any P5 teams … and GUESS where those areas lie …

Pretty sure Washington did make the playoff one year, and lost to Bama in the first round

Yepp … saw that … and my error …

so I am ready for my 40 lashes save one …