Chris Pezman introduced as UH's new athletic director

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good we haven’t had anyone like that since Harry Fouke.

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Only three? They gave Hunter a five year deal.



Listened to the presser and I already like him.

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I was surprised when I read it was only 3 as well. 3 years remaining seems to be when they start renegotiating contracts.

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I’m really pumped about this hire

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During three decades, Pezman sat outside the AD’s office when UH was left out following the breakup of the Southwest Conference and was there when the school joined Conference USA.

“Every one of those steps helps shapes you,” Pezman said. "The level of achievement that we were having in the SWC at that time, you expect to carry that through. That drove me to want to be in this position at one point in my life and I’m very fortunate to be here.

“Coming back, in every facet, it means more. It means more energy, more effort, more dedication, commitment, all those things. It just means more in every possible way.”



Wow! $10k per sellout? Now that’s some pretty good incentive.

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An additional 12 percent of base salary will be contributed annually by the University into a deferred compensation plan that will vest at the end of the term if Pezman remains employed by school.

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Love this

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yeah i was going to mention that. such a class act by pezman.


+1 Chris Pezman is like a breath of fresh air for the athletics program.


Hope he can keep Sampson here. It’s only a matter of time before “bigger” programs come calling.

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I’m not sure Sampson will leave. I think he is happy building something here. He has brand new training center. Brand New home court. On top of it all basketball isn’t like football with the haves and have-nots. The post season is controlled by NCAA and the money is split fairly.