Christopher Lambert @theDudeofWV on G5 Schools

first, I did not say UH would NEVER get a p5 invite…I said that i just don’t see it in the foreseeable future…and many others here have said the same thing…

and as for why I am here… I am a UH alum who watches the games! Why else would I be here?

Well, that was a reply to G-fly, so that was taken out of context.

No one reacted to that statement, just the obvious troll statement that Texas St would get a P5 before UH.

Curious an alum would come trolling fellow Coog fans.


I did not say that “Texas St would get a P5 before UH.”
This is what I said:
“I would not be surprised if texas state gets into P5 before UH…”

There is a difference.
I don’t know which school is gonna get into a p5…and I would not be surprised if there are no new (non-P5) schools admitted to a p5 in the next 20 years…and frankly I don’t spend all that much time worrying about it…it was just an offhand statement on my part…LOL…

The B12 is leaving money on the table by not having a B12 network and collecting those millions in subscriptions fees especially from the state of Texas.

The other conference networks know they are leaving money on the table by not adding a school from the state of Texas and collecting those millions in cable subscription fees but I think they will correct that mistake when their network deals expire.

UH is the most P5 ready school out of all the G5s. Maybe UCF is also because of their on the field product but I’m not too sure about their athletic facilities.

The last realignment was more about adding schools and staying up with the Jones (SEC). The next one will be about expanding into new territory to bring in more money and to do that, they have to find the best available school in that territory. And that school is not Texas State. I don’t think they were even on the fake B12 expansion list.

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‘offhand statement’

Backpedaling, but ok

You think the criteria for p5 is party school out in the country… You’re a real alumnus.

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What is your example of a denigrating post? UH suffers from a lack of student and alumni engagement. That’s not a hot take. And it’s an observation, not a denigration.

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So…you think the criteria for a P5 is to be a large school out in the country? I would really love to be at the meeting where Texas State goes to a P5 with that logic in order to get into the conference. They would get laughed out of the room. Not one the brightest posts I’ve seen on this board…

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Holy hump guys… :expressionless: