I think we all know the bias, but I check the on-line version every day, and it has been a very long time since they have posted a UH article. Is it because Duarte is pissed? Seriously, it’s been a while…

What’s there to report ?

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Anything. They seem to find articles to write about with UT…

You can always find pieces to do on random athletes like swimmers, soccer players, etc…You know, the local school and the local paper?


Makes sense. Especially with down time. Feel good pieces.

Truthfully, I think that the Houston Post may have about as good of coverage as does the Chronicle, and that’s saying quite a lot.


At least the Post has not published anything negative in years.


Good reporters always find something interesting to write about even when there is nothing interesting to write about. With our recruitung actuvity recently and training under COVID there is plenty to write about.

Duarte is going to find out when you don’t do your job you don’t have it for long.

I don’t want any one person to lose their job at the comical; I want the whole paper to just cease to exist - just go out of business, already!


Some reporters just make stuff up and win prizes for it. Like at the NY Times.


Maybe the Chronicle will get Corona virus!

What a mess that paper has become. They are even turning on their own and exposing how dishonest they are.

The world would be a better place without it.


One Saturday after COVID-19 I noticed an entire section called “China Daily”…basically a section dedicated to all of the wonderful things China and their Government is doing.

Cancelled that baby on Monday!!!


Geez, they are either clueless, stupid, or part of their propoganda machine.

Minimally balance something like that with all their evil acts in their drive to lead or rule the world.


Published this morning.


Houma ran this yesterday. Nice article.

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Maybe it was copies of the Chronicle they were burning at the Chinese consulate last night.


I cancelled the chronicle about one year ago after they kept reprinting political garbage by the NY Times and Washington Post. I have also not watched late night TV talk shows in about two years ago. Too much political bias and propaganda. Unfortunately media has been taken over by those with radical agendas. I have also quit sports talk radio. Don’t miss the bullcrap there as well. I actually enjoy comedies and old time movies and such. Yes I spend time on UH sports boards but little time elsewhere. Frankly I am not interested in this shortened MLB and restarted NBA seasons. And IF the NFL continues down the path it tried before I will tune them out. People are free to do what they want. And I am free to tune them and their leagues out.


I had taken the newspaper all my life, first The Houston Post, then the Chronicle when the Post went under. I liked the Post much better. About a year ago I finally had enough of their mediocre coverage of the Coogs and their political bent so I cancelled it. I do not miss it. The newspapers of today are a mere shadow of what they used to be.


NY Times is actually a solid paper


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