CKS has a message for club ticket holders

(gpropes) #1

“I wish those people would stay in their seats longer because that place would look packed. Because, it’s a little bit deceiving that we have an unbelievable crowd; but, we have some pockets of (empty) seats.”


I would rather Pezman say these types of things. It’s his job to fix these concerns.


Why do people leave If you are going to the game. When I attended games regularly, I stayed until the bitter end. Work has cost me not to attend games like I used to…but if I am going. Leaving early is out of the question. My Wife would be in my ear about leaving at times and I say no, I have to watch to the end…regardless of scoreboard.


Sampson has the right to speak on whatever he wants. We are forever indebted to CKS for what he did for our program. Best coach in America.


I didn’t listen / read it but maybe he’s wanting people to in seats more instead of on the club level / at food / bar

(Brian C) #6

Quite frankly same deal with football. Football has the heat to deal with bball doesn’t of course. Guess we have to get some wait staff down for the club folks :slight_smile:


Are those the grey seats; yeah I dislike those people.


I noticed on Tuesday that not one person sat in those fancy lounge chairs the entire game… and the small section behind the Lamar bench was empty the whole game.

We all knew this would be a problem, but I’m really wondering how they can help make it look a little better on tv, maybe a way to upgrade your seats on game day when they know there will be empty seats?

I’m also glad Coach is taking this on right away, I had people watching at home essentially calling me a liar when I told them it was a sellout and a great crowd.

(David) #9

Get students seat fillers.

(J V ) #10

They knew it was going to be an issue for those seats when they did the redesign. Big surprise, empty seats and it shows on TV.

CKS has a right to complain. They should let students fill those seats.


Again, I don’t know why in the world they didn’t plan for the cameras to be opposite the side court student section. I’m not a designer, and I knew to do that. When watching the Oregon game, you could hear the crowd roaring, but the fans in the gray seats were just sitting there like drips. I appreciate their generous donations but their game enthusiasm has something to be desired.


I’ll stand by this for years and hopefully be proven wrong at every game.

I’d rather see the seats for the big-wigs empty than cameras facing a half full student section and empty bleachers. What I think is lame is they probably sold season tickets to all of those fancy seats and as we all know they won’t show up to the games, (this is just like the Rockets problems) they should make those seats available for a decent price. You’re not much closer than on the other side of the floor and you get a bar area big whoop.


Cash from those seats was used to help pay for the arena and will continue to finance the program.

In the full CKS quote he also acknowledges that the club seat holders are enjoying the club access that they paid for.

If you pay for a seat you can do what you want with it. I’d also like for them to watch from their seats because it looks better on tv and contributes to the in-game atmosphere, and I’d personally much rather watch a game from those seats than the club. But I’m not going to get mad at someone who shelled out more cash for their tickets than I did. If there were a really long waitlist for season tickets and people just let tickets go to waste, then it would be more justifiable to be annoyed with ticket holders.

If you want students to sit in those seats, buy a block of them and donate them to students (though it wouldn’t surprise me if many students would hang out in the club as well if they are of legal drinking age).

(sphinx drummond) #14

It’s too late now but they should have put the club seats higher up. Like they did the club seats at Minute Maid Park being above the field boxes. People who are there to schmooze and gab at the bar are less concerned about where they ultimately sit than a hardcore basketball fan. It’s still a beautiful place.

(Lupe Carrillo) #15

I am one of those seat holders (have four in the lower middle rows, so looks bad if empty on TV). I can tell you guys, it is hard for me and my family to make it to midweek games. I will make extra effort for the big games, and I will make as many as I can of the others, but there will be nights when our four are empty. I would gladly donate them on those nights if there was a ticket exchange to do so. Maybe the school could set this up?

I am proud to back the team and do what I can for UH athletics, and I stay in my seat almost all game while it is being played. Some vendor service in the stands as someone suggested might help as well, as a lot of folks stay in the club to have access to the beer/bar.

(Nathan) #16

If you log into your ticket account you can click on reissue ticket. Then you can send a pdf of your ticket to your email and sell it on stubhub.


so sampson noticed how it looked on camera aswell…i got a lot of slack for saying it earlier but when you have a sold out arena, but it looks half empty it is disappointing …

it alos takes away selling the atmosphere to out of state players in recruiting…i hope we find a way to flip the cameras or put some angles to focus on the students more

(Jimmy Morris) #18

He isn’t talking about leaving early. He is talking about the number of club level people hanging out in the bar/concession/concourse area. To be honest though, I don’t think he is taking into account the number of unused tickets for that area. Plus the two end sections have less than 5 seats sold and no one is buying them for $130 on a weekday game against a team like Lamar.

(Jimmy Morris) #19

They would want to flip the team benches and the announcers/refs table to in front of the students but it appears they did design it to have equal room either way.

It also appears there is plenty of space on the club side concourse to place cameras as well. Of course that would mean coach would have to now face the club level all game long. :sweat_smile:


The team benches/announcers dont have to be flipped

many programs, like duke, just aim the cameras at the students and have the bench and announcers away from the camera