Class of 2020 offers

CB Justin Gardner from Hutchinson CC - Has offers from Akron, NM St, South Alabama, Texas State, and Western Kentucky

Justin was a 3 star out of Snellville, GA and committed to Oregon State in 2017. He redshirted his first year before leaving the program. This season, he’s played in 8 games, made 16 tackles, has 1 pick, and 1 fumble recovery.


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Well hopefully UH will pick up some more Dline and Oline on the 5th. Hopefully it will together during the season. Maybe some more speed at Linebacker.

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Any word if Kelvontay Dixon made it in for his visit. Texas website reported he was having second thoughts. He is on ESPN 300 rankings 4 star by ESPN and 247.

So just the two more verbals. I wonder if UH will get some more transfers. Hopefully they are some good ones.

I must admit I am worried about our incoming class. Hope we can fill in with some outstanding transfers or JUCOs.

I am not a recruiting guy so I probably shouldn’t comment. However, I am underwhelmed by the whole tone, tenor and direction of the program. I am sure there are a lot people that will tell me I am wrong. But that is just how I feel right now. (But a three game winning streak will put me back on the polly train.)

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I wouldn’t worry too much about the incoming class. Most if them will probably redshirt their first year anyway.

We have some good transfers that had to sit last year. They were 4 stars and a 5 star that have a few years eligibility left.

This is an underwhelming freshman class. Everyone can see that.

Transfers will have to make up for this. Otherwise we will have low key talent for 2021 and beyond.

Kids will be watching this coming season. With last years transfers, 36 red shirts and returning wounded and an easier schedule we win big and things change.


yeah the “wow factor” of having a power 5 coach come to lead our program didn’t really pay off with the King fiasco and subpar season last year.

hopefully things turn around next year.

Isn’t the second year under a new coach supposed to be his best class?

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We are never going to have a highly ranked recruiting class in football because 1.) the star system caters to Power5 2.) CDH prefers transfers and Juco. We don’t get enough elite high school players to reflect a high recruiting rating.

We aren’t getting into a Power5 conference anytime soon so we just have to accept life as a Group6 member. We play in the little league and sit at the kids table. Major college football is played in a Power5 conference and all the recruiting rankings reflect teams that compete in the CFP for the National Championship.

Currently we are are ranked #71 Overall and #5 in our conference. That’s about normal as we have 0 - 5 star, 0 - 4 star and 16 - 3 stars signed. I’d say that’s pretty good for us. Traditional blue bloods like Texas have 1 - 5 Star, 11 - 4 star, and 5 - 3 stars. We are never close to anything like that in recruiting.

JUST GOT BIG commitment from D’Anthony Jones— First Team ALL-AMERICAN JUCO out of Cali. Several P5 Schools were after him. Take all we can get. #Boom


Nice. Last season he had 24 tackles for a loss, 10.5 sacks and 5 interceptions to earn National Central Conference Defensive Player of the Year.

We had 8 scholarships available going into the week. We picked up 3 hard commits, making that 4 total verbal commitments leading up to signing day. CDH wants to save 1-2 for transfers, including a QB so we only have 1-2 left to sign high school prospects.


We’re low key stack all around… Except starting quarterback… Whoever is the quarterback needs to get the job done

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just feel like need some momentum of any sort rn for Football Program. I know it’s the off season but feel like it’s limping big time at the moment, esp with an under whelming 2020 recruiting Class so far.

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