Collegiate realignment, round 2? 12/03/2018

Humorous that they think that ut has a “national” following !!!


Nobody seems to think we will make it to the P4 or P5.

I know. That’s unbelievable. The UT national following are the sports media and analysts who are brain washing everyone in believing it is so. Their only other followers outside of Texas are their alumni. Why would someone in Iowa, New York or California care about UT?


If we don’t our program won’t survive as we know it that is for sure

The article brings up the closest short term hope for us, though it’s far fetched. Hope the ACC Network fails miserably. Hope carriers don’t carry it and markets ignore it. This could kick some dominoes. That’s what we want.


Ron, I live 200 yards from the California border, and I can promise you that nobody cares about UT, and if they cared at all, they are hated by both USC and Cal (Mack Brown lobbying against Aaron Rodgers and Cal…).
Everybody and I mean EVERYBODY detests the Big12, and views them as a conference which …Duh…only has 10 teams (and previously had no championship game) and therefore had an easier path to the playoff. Their “newly authorized “ conference championship game is still viewed as gaining the system…


I would go farther and say Houston doesn’t care about UT. If UT is so popular in Houston, why did one of the largest cable companies in Houston, Comcast, decide not to carry the LHN. UT also asked Houstonians to contact Comcast asking Comcast to carry LHN but obviously no one did.


I don’t think being a national program means they have fans to everywhere. By that metric no program is a national program. How many fans would Michigan or OSU have in California or Texas? How many fans would USC have in Texas or Florida?

I think it means that their TV appeal is so great that people tune in to watch. It’s no coincidence that their TV games are among the Big 12s highest rated ones, or that bowl games love them. The Texas bowl enjoyed its highest rating when Texas played in it 2 years ago. Is it just a coincidence that the highest rated B12 CG and Sugar Bowl ratings both came in games with Texas? The networks love Texas, and that’s all that matters.

But returning to the article, this bit is worrying “ “My sense is that nobody wants to upset the applecart this time around,” one executive said.

The problem is that many of the schools that would be willing to jump conferences — think any of the schools in the American Athletic — don’t necessarily help add distribution for a conference-owned channel.

“There’s a lot less in play this time,” one executive said. “How many viable candidates are there? At some point, conferences will look at expansion as producing diminishing returns. The idea that conferences would continue to expand to absurd levels tied to athletics? That ends at some point.”

By the time the next round of TV negotiations is finished and three of the power five leagues have new deals for linear and digital media, the college landscape could look much the same as it does now.”

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Everybody has an opinion, which is fine. I just can’t buy into your premise that things will more or less stay the same. This may be true of SEC, ACC, and Big…I just don’t think that the status quo is appealing to Big12-2 (read, OU, Texas), or to the PAC…
And once a chess move is made by one P5, then it is ON…


Que the UT defenders here on this board


UT doesn’t have a “national” following, but they are national in scope as a “blue blood” program.

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So there is stability now, according to this article, but did it mention anything about when these network deals are up in the mid-'20s? That’s when there might be movement. Also, this article focuses on UT when OU has been the school that has been most speculated to make a jump. As far as I have read, any future conference movement pivots on OU, not UT

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Ou is talked about on message boards. The pac 12 wallflower fiasco showed OU’s true influence.

UT is the nexus for movement.

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UT the nexus? Not realy. Just because they are desirable doesnt mean that movement wont happen without them.
They will likely have a chance to go to B1G. Certainly they are B1Gs first choice. They can take it, or stay where they are, as they choose. You think the B1G does nothing if Texas says No…AGAIN? Dont know, but i doubt it.
Texas has ZERO influence on conference most in need of expansion, a league that was expressly advised to do so in future by the advisors they hired, and that is the PAC 12 . The league is too far west and does not make enough money to interest Texas. Houston is the PACs number 1 candidate, and we have spent years building a relationship with them and doing all necessary to be viewed as a new member worth inviting.


Other conferences besides the Pac12 have interest in OU, plus, Larry Scott and Co. have shown to not be the sharpest knives in the drawer

Statement of what is fact is not a defence. I deliberately tried to back up my assertions about UT with facts and comparatives. Unlike others I have no bone to pick with UT when it comes to their power, and prestige.

Now their deliberate suppression of UH… well that’s another matter altogether. But even there I hold networks to some (not all) of the blame. It’s a combination of lack of support from UT and the media that’s keeping UH out of the Big 12. It’s a lack of support from media networks that’s keeping UH out of other P5.

That was a general statement…not singling anyone out, including you

If UT goes B1G, Nebraska fan’s heads will explode lol

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Agreed. It’s down to the nut cuttin.