Coogs at the 2020 (yeah its 2021) US Olympic Trials

Trials start on Friday, we will have some Coogs to check out. Montgomery has the best chance of making the Olympics.

Athletes qualified and declared:

  • 200m: Jordan Booker

  • 400m: Kahmari Montgomery (3rd fastest declared time)

  • 400 Hurdles: Amere Lattin (6th fastest), Quivell Jordan

  • 3000m Steeplechase: Brian Barraza (8th fastest)

  • Long Jump: Trumaine Jefferson

  • Triple Jump: Chris Carter

  • Hammer Throw: Mikalia Martin

Qualified but scratched:

  • 100m: Cam Burrell - think he is dealing with an injury


Well, Montgomery is out after the 1st round of the 400. Ran 45.85 for the fastest time not to advance.

Chris Carter is 4th in triple jump first round so he will be in the finals on Monday!


Here’s the schedule. Last night was a good watch, should be better tonight with some Coogs!

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Carter has a very good shot, but also needs to get the Olympic standard (has jumped it in previous years). Same with Barraza, has to get the standard.

All 3 of the 100m qualifiers went to college in Texas - Baylor, TCU, and A&M. Might be the first time I cheer against the US when Shaun goes up against them. Need some Coogs for team USA!


Barraza makes it through to the final!


Yes! Final is Friday at 6:42pm.

That’s about what he was running his senior year. Maybe not a good day for him.

Yeah, he is faster than that and should have been in the final at minimum with his best performances. That’s how the trials go though. The by far 800m favorite finished 8th.

Awesome and disappointing that Carter finishes 4th. That is huge and his success over the last decade as a pro has been impressive. Just tough to be that close to the Olympics on his last shot. The top 3 were the top guys though. Jumps are a little easier with 6 attempts than a single race where anything could happen. Even if Carter got 3rd, I am not sure if he would have made the Olympics without the standard. I know they have a new system with world rankings getting you in if you don’t have the standard.

Barraza is still young for a distance runner, too. If he stays injury free, he maybe a real contender in 3 years.

Amere Lattin won his heat, but apparently later DQ’d for stepping on the lane line. I don’t know the rules but are you DQ any time you step on the line? If so, how was Sean Burrell not DQd for rolling all over the lines.

If the rule is you’re only DQd if you impede another runner, then Amere was royally ****ed.

I went back and looked at a replay, he did step on the line, but the runner in Lane 7 was ahead of Amere by at least a stride or two. No way he could have impeded him.

Not the best image, but a screen grab off of YouTube. Amere in the outside lane.

I saw this posted on Twitter, again not the best image but Lattin didn’t appear to cross the line, but did step on inside line.

This is a crappy way to get tossed from the Olympic Trials.


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If you step on the line, you are DQed. Burrell wasn’t DQed because it wouldn’t have mattered. But, technically, yes, he should have been.

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Well that sucks, but if that’s the rules… :cry:

They should change the rule.

Maybe, but then why even have lanes? Rule would like for distance races, run where you want to just don’t interfere with others.

You’re right, you’ve got to draw the line somewhere. And if the rules don’t allow for any judgement to be applied then there’s no gray area.

Just sucks…but that’s how life is sometimes.

It does suck. I ran hurdles in high school and those curves can be tricky no matter how much you practice.

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Trials just starting on NBC.

No American Olympians, but some good performances. Future still looks bright as Montgomery in top shape can be top 3 in the 400 in 2024, Lattin as well for the hurdles, and Barraza is still young for a distance runner. Booker will get faster, Cam Burrell hopefully ready to go next time.

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