Cord Cutters

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YouTube getting in the game; offers up $35 streaming TV option. Not bad for college football:

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Very interesting. The Google empire reminds me of an octopus. So Google Chromecast, Google TV and now youtube tv…Why would they go into that direction? Apple will surely counter.
People want college football? Just imagine if Google or Apple offered a huge check to take it over? Are we far from it? I am not so sure anymore.*

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Plenty of cord-cutters or those who have never signed up for cable are likely to be satisfied. But there are some large gaps. For example, there’s nothing from Disney, Viacom, or Time Warner—no CNN or Discovery Channel, no TBS, and no TNT (YouTube is still in discussions with other partners).

In addition to those holes, the YouTube TV service is only available in markets where its existing cable partners have affiliates. So if you live in or near a number of major U.S. urban centers, you won’t be able to subscribe even if you want to.

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Wow, this would be fantastic.

On PlayStation 4 consoles, PlayStation Vue subscribers can put three channels up on the screen at the same time. And Sony is promoting this feature that can be utilized for the NCAA Tournament. This would mark the first time a live streaming service is offering this feature.

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That’s a neat feature. I hope they can extend it to subscribers (like me) who use other means to view than the PS4. As for ‘March Madness three games at a time’ fun…the problem here in Houston is that the local CBS affiliate (KHOU) is not a part of the PSVue lineup. That holds true in all markets where the affiliate is not CBS-owned.

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Hmmm…could be interesting and would really hurt ESPN/Fox Sports bottom line:

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Saw this and am passing along for you/us Rockets fans:

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While that’s a bit higher than what was originally thought, it’s still less than DirecTV Now which is $60/month for 60 channels, but in line with Sling TV’s Orange package which is $40/month.

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The article is not accurate. Sling Orange (30 channels including ESPN channels) is $20 a month.

Sling Blue (45 channels with Fox channels plus NBC, USA, Bravo, Nat Geo and others) is $25 a month.

If you combine them, it’s $40 a month and you get 50 channels.

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No college football partnerships…yet

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Doubt this will have much success…

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Nice. I have Apple TV and its frustrating that some of the apps aren’t on there. This is good news.

There’s no word as to when Amazon Video will join Apple TV, but one would think that Amazon would want users to be able to watch its entire Thursday Night Football schedule, so it could mean that the Video app becomes available in late August or early September.

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Adding HBO to an existing Hulu subscription will cost an extra $14.99 a month, while another Cinemax package will cost an additional $9.99.

Hulu customers who subscribe to the HBO and Cinemax will have the option to watch east or west coast live feeds of the networks and will be able to access HBO Now, HBO’s standalone streaming service, via Hulu.

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I’m in the process of building a new home and we will be cable and satilite free. We are going with Amazon fire because of guide for Sony vue. Very excited about it.

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Are we cord cutting for good or are we going toward another media consolidation?
What’s intriguing to me is how the “independent cord cutting companies” are going to transform the “usual” cable landscape. Will a facebook or google keeps it independence? Right now it looks as if we are heading for a major tug of war between facebook, google and the usual suspects. The usual suspects including, networks, cable, internet and phone providers control content and therefore control what facebook and google can or will offer. Unless the independent buy the sports tv rights pricing will remain high for the consumer. Recently hulu announced HBO at $14/month. This is the same price that you pay on DirecTV. Unless we the consumer can get programing for free or over the air pricing will stay about the same. Start adding your internet pricing with a hulu including HBO or others. The total price is getting close to a DirecTV, Dish Network or Cox contract. Let’s enjoy low pricing while we can.

I have Direct TV but what will happen if ATT (parent company) buys Times Warner?
Usual suspects including cord:
Satelite services, phone & internet:
ATT/Direct TV – On the verge of major media acquisitions
Dish Network – Owns Sling TV
Charter - Cable/internet/phone provide – Sports sponsor – As of June 21, 2017, it was reported that Charter was in talks to buy Cox Communications; Keep in mind that Paul Allen and Liberty have stakes in Charter.
Cox – Same as above
Century Link – Same as above
Frontier – Same as above – Smaller scale
Cable one – Same as above smaller scale
CBS - Joint venture with HULU
FOX - Joint venture with HULU
Disney/ABC/ESPN - Joint venture with HULU
Time Warner – Warner Bros - HBO, TBS(CNN & other channel) Joint venture with HULU

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Looking at what happened with the music industry, I imagine that something similar will happen - media consolidation will happen, but there will be more options to get what you want and the market will even out a bit.

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