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I guess I’m too old fashioned and like to check the scores on my phone.

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PlayStation Vue Just Added CBS Sports Network & 1 Other Channel

Today Sony’s live TV streaming service PlayStation Vue streaming service has quietly added several new channels. The main channel being CBS Sports Network and NBC’s Universal Kids channel.

CBS has recently been rolling out CBS Sports to more providers. Hulu added it at launch followed by fuboTV recently and even DIRECTV NOW has announced plans to add CBS Sports.

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Anyone use YouTube TV?

I’m thinking about picking it up just for college football season

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I had issues with espn3. The streaming was perfect for commercials but live it was on and off. Anyone experiencing the same issue?

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How were you watching via espn app? Are you wireless?

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Yes, I tried both through my smart tv and then through my laptop. I checked speed but it was steady. How did your reception work out?

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I was at the game so I didnt watch on TV.

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I’ve been looking into PS Vue, it looks like it can serve most all of our needs in my house. All the college football channels, my local Chicago sports teams, Hockey, BTN, college basketball, NASCAR and AMC (TWD, FTWD).

Thanks for all the info in this thread.


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Interesting, but I’m not sure why I’m going to pay $18 for a small selection of channels and $48 in order to get ESPN, FOX News, and CNN when I’m not paying for cable in the first place.

Like newish services on the market from Hulu, YouTube and others, you can stream Comcast’s “Xfinity Instant TV” at home, or anywhere else you can get a broadband connection. And like those offerings, this one doesn’t require a set-top box or an annual subscription. You can also add on extras like HBO, or a $30-a-month sports/news package that includes ESPN, Fox News and CNN.

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The numbers of subscribers to traditional cable packages are continuing to slide, and that carries major implications for both cable providers and cable sports networks like ESPN. Charter, Comcast and AT&T all released third-quarter updates this week, and all posted significant subscriber losses, with Comcast losing 125,000 traditional video subscribers (up from 34,000 in Q2), Charter losing 104,000 (up slightly from 90,000 in Q2, up significantly from 47,000 in Q3 2016), and AT&T losing 385,000 (up from the then-record 351,000 lost in Q2), but partially offsetting that with 296,000 new DirecTV Now subscribers.

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Suggestions on cutting the cord
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Is there a way to cut the cord and still watch the Astros and Rockets?

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I don’t speak from experience but I imagine finding streams online would help you.

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If you live in or around Houston, it’s hard to watch the Rockets after you cut the cord due to blackout restrictions. ATT SportsNet doesn’t offer a streaming option on any of the streaming services yet. If you live outside the Houston area, you can get NBA League Pass to watch all the non-National TV games and pick up sling or something to watch the games on NBATV, TNT, or ESPN. ABC is an over the air channel so you’d just need an antenna to pick it up.

For the Astros, it’s even more difficult because the blackout range is even bigger. If you live within Texas or any of the bordering states, you’re basically out of luck as, again, ATT SportsNet doesn’t offer a streaming option. If you live outside that area, you can get MLB.TV and stream all the non-National TV games and pick up sling or something to watch the games on ESPN or TBS. FOX is an over the air channel so you’d just need an antenna to pick it up.

Biggest hope is that ATT SportsNet will start offering a streaming option or be included in one of the streaming packages. There have been rumors that it will, but they’re taking their time.

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Thank you

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In depth look at what could happen with the merger. Talks about a possible new AT&T streaming service, effects on Hulu, and changes due to net neutrality being dropped.

None of these changes will happen quickly. But what once seemed like the inevitable outcome of cord-cutting—more flexible TV packages, more innovative new streaming services, and tough times for companies that don’t adapt—is now becoming less certain as traditional media and telecom companies gang up on their newer competitors. The future of TV might still be better than cable, but it’s also going to be much messier.

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The streaming version of DirecTV will not require the satellite dish on your roof, but will still need a set-top box. This ”new DirecTV” will look like that the present one, but details are still rather sketchy:

> Details are still thin on exactly what the new DIRECTV streaming service will look like. We also don’t know when DIRECTV satellite will come to an end but that likely is years down the road.

The news of the last satellite launch came on November 29 when AT&T Communications CEO John Donovan made the announcement to analysts. DirecTV has about 20 million subscribers, but that number has been falling over the last few years. To top it off, DirecTV expects to have its subscribers start moving over to the streaming side next year with a self-installed box.

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An IT type told me you can make your connection appear as though it is somewhere else so you can stream Astros using the MLB service. I have never tried and that was a couple years ago so I cannot vouch for how effective or legal this is.