Current Helmets

(Patrick) #1


Whoa. When did we wear the Gray UH decal helmets? Looks sick!

(br5exg) #3

I like it as well.

(Alfred Matthews) #4

favorite ones are




I like the red with white UH and the white with the Texas flag UH


Not the first one.


I like this one.

(Tom Lidiak) #8

White helmet with red UH.

(Alfred Matthews) #9

i love it when we wear it with the white jerseys and white pants.


The chrome version are pretty cool. Not sure if they ever wore them during a game.

(Cristian) #11

Those Candy Red’s with the cougar or the logo are so sick. That white one with the cougar i like also with the more breathable/angled helmet.

(Charles) #12

HATE the flag logos. HATE EM. Love the traditional red helmet with white UH or the white helmet with red UH. All the others, meh.

(Randy ) #13

I’ve never liked the candy red.


Agreed on the flag logo. Just looks like a smudge…

(Cristian) #15

Really? i like how it looks under different lightings. It just pops. I dont think it be the same affect with matte or gloss to me. Just my personal favorite.

(David) #16

I am okay with them for special situations: playing Navy, Armed Forces Appreciation Day, Armed Forces Bowl, etc.

(Randy ) #17

It just looks odd to me because it doesn’t quite match our red.

(Cristian) #18

Ah i get you but still one of my favorites. :grin:

(Dan) #19

Sorry I’m a non-traditionalist. I like the white with the chrome thundercoog. We haven’t used that one yet. I think we have an excellent record with the red and black UH, I like that one too.

Of course I will gladly defer to the four star recruits. Whichever one they think is cool I’m all for.