Dana and Tune

LFG!!! Sign me up for next year! Does Houston ever play well with a chip on their shoulder? If you aren’t with us then you’re against us! BTW, thanks for the classy shoutout to all those who supported you over the years D’eriq. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.


Tune is Blake Joseph with a little bit better wheels. He doesn’t have “it”. We will struggle to bowl contention with him as the starter. DH better get this figured out ASAP or the 25K crowds will become 15-20K next year.


I hope Dana brings in a grad transfer. Tune needs his redshirt year.


^^ You are a joke. The last two coaching staffs have said Clayton Tune has NFL potential. Go back to being a Sooner!


7 games Tune started:

2-5 record
9 int
Under 200 yards passing in 5 of 7 games
Under 60% completion

Not all on him (and I know he got hurt too) but color me unimpressed. I stand by my belief that he doesn’t have “it”. I’d love to be wrong.


If “it”, means an offensive line and a full arsenal of weapons, then you are correct


Prove you wrong? You already are wrong… do you realize Tune going 2-5 is statistically better than D’eriq going 1-3 and quitting on the team? Or do you only post stats that erroneously support your terrible take on Tune’s ability to play quarterback?


The red shirt experiment failed. It was a huge gamble and as of right now Dana has lost. Tune is another Postma. We might win 6 or 7 with him at the helm, but he is not what is needed on this team.

At least there will be plenty of legroom, short lines at the bathroom and fantastic parking next season. Pezman has his work cut out for him to get the crowds excited for this poop show of a red shirt fiasco.


Make sure not to show your face when UH comes out on fire next year. BTW, the redshirt experiment didn’t fail. It was D’eriq who quit on the team, not Dana. Learn how to read between the lines and you can put two and two together.


It wasn’t Holgorsen’s choice for King to RS. Don’t believe that dog and pony show from Sept. King’s dad put it all on the table before that.


So Corbin was in on it too? We made a big splash with it, and to paraphrase Deniro in casino, he was either in on it or too stupid to see what was happening.

I am sure we will be on fire.

I don’t know. His dad wasn’t spouting to the media he was transferring.

I’m interested in what the rules are here. Could CDH have chosen not to redshirt King and forced King to play or leave the school? That would not have been a good look to recruits and current players but he could have kicked King off for “conduct detrimental.” Then there’s that transfer offensive lineman that tweeted and retired he made it sound like CDH was yelling redshirt to everyone from the mountaintops that doesn’t jive with gocoogs scoop.

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It just stinks all around.

Either Dana knew king was leaving and let him stay on the team and hang out and travel to save face or he was tricked by a kid.

Either does not look good for a P5 coach that came here for 4+ million a year and a staff making 4+ million a year. It just stinks.

We need a grad transfer QUICK!

How is it Dana’s fault that a struggling kid left the program for a year. The rules allow him to ask to be redshirted. Dana’s not going to force a kid with no command of the offense to stick around. He probably told Dana he would stay. Imo it’s not fair to the coaches to pull a stunt like this.


Sources are already confirming it was the King’s family Idea and decision to redshirt.


Dana said that from the beginning. But Baby Huey the Butthurt went on a twitter screed screaming it was Dana and that’s all the evidence the media needed.


Respect to Dana by doing right by the player regardless of how the player handled the situation. BTW, I’m still waiting for D’eriq to send a thank you to Houston fans.