Darrell Wyatt WR Coach Replaced by Kenny Guiton

Wow, this is out of nowhere.

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Good. Wyatt sucked rocks. Just terrible. Was disappointed that Major kept him on. Made me question Major’s judgement. Glad to see the change.


All I need to know.

I would agree as well.

Interesting. Major worked with Wyatt on Brown’s staff at Texas. And then last year at UH.

I assumed he knew what he was getting.


Guessing this may have been why Applewhite was talking to the former coach the other night.


I hope for the best.
It is unsettling to see staff changes before we have played a game.

It’s not unsettling for me. Major had to throw together a staff and a recruiting class that were both decimated when Herman left.


One of the responses on a twitter link says it was due to WR performance in the spring game. Sound legit? Is that where the INTs came from?

There’s more to it than that. I suspect that this was decided before now as Wyatt tried very hard to get the WR job at Zona .

So what are your thoughts on Kenny Guiton?

Never knew this.

He should know the offense (assuming we are using the same terminology). He played for Herman at Ohio State and coached here and at Texas with him.

And he’s from the Houston area.

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He’s also been a GA here at UH for the past couple of years, so he should be very familiar with our offensive system.

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Rather a head coach make a move with his coaching staff now rather than after the first game.


This may be a hard question to answer but I wonder what Kenny Guiton brings to the table that Darrell Wyatt doesn’t

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Kenny brings the juice.

Could be that Wyatt didn’t have his heart in it as he was never really considered for the OC position even though he was held over from the previous staff. Could be that he’s upset that he wasn’t taken to UT with the rest. Could be that he was sending resumes out to find another job (see @coachv’s comment about going for the UA job and he was also linked with the Lamar head job) and Applewhite has stressed he wants coaches that want to be here. Could be that he wasn’t happy with the spring performance of the receivers or our recruiting efforts. Could be that he just didn’t mesh with our new OC. Whatever happened, Wyatt just found out in the last 3 days because he just tweeted out that he was ready to hit the road and begin recruiting.

With Guiton, they get a young guy that’s looking to prove himself and was well respected as a GA in the locker room so he’ll fit easily back into the locker room while also knowing the chain of command. Guiton was doing some recruiting for us prior to the bowl game so they probably were impressed with him in that area as well.


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