DeAnthony Jones

Based on his tweets today, I speculate that he is not happy about not being the starter. (I could be wrong) I bet that will be fuel for him this season.

You have to win the spot by your performance. Nothing is given.


What I’ve earned from the past is that sometimes coaches put a depth chart because they have to. D Jones and the other kid are better than Parish imo. They’ll play Sat.

How do you know this? D’Anthony Jones hasn’t even taken a snap at the D1 level. I like Parish. He played well last year. Glad to see him in the lineup.


2020 is on a roll first he knows who is better without ever seeing them and labeled our corners as the weak spot


So you’ve been to practices then? and the scrimmage?


I feel like we will rotate a lot of guys on the line so all of these guys will get significant snaps to keep them fresh. It will help keep the pressure on and allow them to play fast.

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Elandon Roberts didn’t start a game his first two seasons at Houston.

He was elected a team captain as a senior, was the unquestioned leader of a defense with 12 NFL players on it, and led us to our greatest season in decades. I still believe we beat UConn and finish undefeated if he doesn’t get ejected for targeting in the first half.

He was drafted in the 6th round by the Patriots. He is now in his 5th season in the NFL, has been elected captain by two different teams, and has two Super Bowl rings.

Somebody tell DeAnthony that just because you don’t start right off the bat doesn’t mean you can’t end up one of the greatest Coogs of all time. Just work.


We need to see the tweet. How cryptic was it? He could have been talking about something completely unrelated.

Also Jones and “the other kid” aren’t better than Parish. Please stop. :roll_eyes:

I’m glad he has a problem with it without playing a down. Hopefully makes him better.


Yea. The OP was a reach. I’m not getting “not happy” from those tweets. He seems to want to remind himself and his followers of the fact he’s capable of greatness. Having a chip is a good thing.


I wasn’t painting him in a bad light, I was simply stating that based on the depth chart, he expected more from himself and hopefully we will see a motivated player on the field this season. There was no intention to make this a controversial thread about a player. Chill out, dude.

Try telling a cop when he pulls you over, “Do you know who I am?”

He needs to show it on the field, no one cares anymore about what he did in juco, it’s what he does now that counts.


It isnt like he isnt going to play much. It will be an extremely hot day in Waco and the first and second team will ALL play a lot, to keep people as fresh as possible. Parish and Jones will probably get close to an equal number of snaps…Gotta keep the pressure on that Baylor offense.


This is more of a materialization of self affirmation. I highly doubt he would ask a cop who pulls him over “do you know who I am”? We are all guilty of the former, some of us just don’t post it on Twitter. If he signed his LOI, FAA, and went through camp, I’m also very sure he knows he has to earn it.

Again, people are reading into this WAY too much. He’s not unhappy, he’s publicizing his perceived worth. This is perfectly normal.

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I didn’t say your intentions were to make this controversial. Where did I say that?

The tone of your post seemed that way but perhaps I misjudged it. But Duarte retweeted it yesterday and it caught my eye, so I posted it here for discussion. I don’t think we’re overreacting or making too much of a big deal about it. It’s just another thing to discuss on this message board.

Putting this out on twitter is imo the exact opposite of what he has to do. This is not a good sign.
You are not #1? You work twice as hard to prove you deserve the spot.

We all have our own interpretations of cryptic tweets. Some think he’s unhappy. I think he’s ok. Some think he shouldn’t post it on twitter and show it on the field. I think he could also be doing both, the two things aren’t mutually exclusive.

The tweet is just rhetoric.IMO

Right now the high on Saturday in Waco is forecasted to be 83. It will probably be low 80’s for most of the game. I’m jelly!

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