That right there was awesome. My other favorite is when he blocked the Young kid.

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He was so clearly beat and came out of nowhere. It was absolutely incredible!

Of course every game wasn’t on TV back then but I saw Chaney in person several times and the NCAA games were televised, and I don’t recall him making a play that spectacular. He was awesome on the front-end of the press with that ridiculous wingspan (obviously why he was nicknamed Duck), and scored an inordinate amount of points off steals. I only saw a few clips of Gary Philips on the local sportscast but the defensive prowess of anyone who held Oscar Robertson to his lowest scoring game in college speaks volumes. Dejon is the best overall defensive guard that I’ve seen at UH.


Brutal way to end his Coog career. He is still my favorite UH basketball player in my time (class of 05). I’m sad that he won’t get to wear a UH uniform again but I have no doubt he can have a long career making money playing basketball.

Thank you, Deeky! You will be greatly missed.


Last year, when he was trying out his draft prospects I figured he was gone. I didn’t think he’d be in the NBA but maybe overseas. At the time, I was nonchalant about him leaving (as was Sampson from the articles I read). Amazing the transformation and year he had, I’m so glad he stuck it out and matured his game, got his degree and showed us all the heart he has.


I saw a stat that said he was the only player to have 8 assists and 8 rebounds in back to back tournament games. That seems pretty special.


Boy now that is a close one there Randy…I love Deeky but I am not so sure he is up to Chaney’s standards…close yes, but better no…and I would add Jerry Bonney to the list of all time defensive players along with the Lathem kid…

He gets hurt in the first Tournament game and goes on to be player of the region. I hope a Tourney highlight reel of Deeky is coming out soon. So many great plays, even the start of the Baylor game where he hurdles over the player not to foul him is awesome.


I don’t think you fellas realize how big, quick and powerful NBA players are but i hope you are right,

Outlaw was so special on the defensive end and probably could have defended a lot of PGs.

Latham was a terror

Deeky was even better because you could put him on the best guard or wing and take them out of the game.

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