Do we set an attendance record for TDECU on Friday?

(PortlandCoog) #1

I bet we do. As in worst crowd to date. On a black Friday at 11am with nothing at stake? I bet it’s brutal. Feel bad for the players. They deserve better.


No way, at least not in terms of tickets sold. We drew 24k for Tulsa in the last home game of the Levine era.

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It’s going to be a ghost town no matter how many tickets sold. The normally reliable students will be away for Thanksgiving. Like I said, the players deserve better.


There will not be 15k butts in seats. I guess they will count all the season ticket holders, the few students that show up. Navy should have a few thousand. Think about it this way…If we have 15k less in attendance per game next year, which is likely, that’s about 350-450k per game. We are already running a deficit, why not buy out the coaching staff? Hire Fritz or any number of better coaches.


Hire me.

It’s been almost 40 years since I last played football, and I have never coached, but if UH were to hire me for my low six figure salary that I earn now, I don’t know how many games we would win but we would be impossible to predict.


I’m very worried about attendance for Navy. The ECU game was very weakly attended by alumni. Students were still decent but with Thanksgiving there will be a huge drop off for the Navy game. I’m going to guess 20K in seats is about right with 28-30K tickets sold. Now we just need it to rain and we will see our first truly abysmal attendance since Levine.


I’m not worried. I know attendance will be in the high teens or low 20s and that will confirm to the administration that the next coaching search has to happen without pride getting in the way. If not then the administration doesn’t care.


I am more worried about stopping Navy with our prevent defense.


The navy game is a wash. I don’t see us pulling an upset like the last dimel game against Louisville.


That was a good game! Me and the 2 kids had a whole section to ourselves. Security did not even mind the cigar.

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That’s another reason why the Tulane loss is so sickening. You won’t be able to give tickets away.


I agree. I think it will be one of those frustrating games where we just can’t get off the field on defense. You don’t stop Navy by sitting back -they will take 3-5 yard gains all day. You have to stay aggressive to get them in 3rd and longs. I have zero confidence that our coaching staff even understands this basic concept.


I have four tickets and only filled my seats once this season. In Vermin’s first year, I had people calling me for tickets. Not sure four seats is part of my strategy next season if they won’t be used. If a lot of people are thinking like I am, gonna see a significant drop in season ticket sales.


What? Shut the program down if that happens. That would put us at the bottom of CUSA in attendance…


The navy guys will add at least 5 k to the crowd. We will have the dead serious coogs there who number around 15 to 18 K. So we will be over 20,000. We can play the Navy run. But if we force them to pass then DO’s ugly soft zone will probably give up lots of yards and lose us the game again.

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I posted this but I am posting this again.
Listen friends:
As bad as this season has been going you ought to show up for our last home game.
Consider this:
Every single one player on our squad put their body on the line. Yes they do get a scholarship but at what price.
You have a Navy Team coming in. These gentlemen are not in for the cfp but for the love of the game. They will be on the REAL LINE OF FIRE SOON ENOUGH.
Regardless of how disappointed we all are SHOW UP.
What kind of a message does that send to:
The message that it sends to our leaders. Interpret it how you want it.
We show up not matter what. Do you know how lucky you are to be able to attend this game? Yes, that’s right one of our servicemen is in arms way. Do you think he would like to be there?
This really pisses me off like you could not tell.


Yes they will, just like everyone else. Navy also was 4-6 vs ND on 4th down. Not sure how many were runs or passes but I don’t expect them to punt much.


Yeah, I’m disappointed with the way this season has gone but I plan on being there. The players deserve it. And no, I don’t like 11AM games either.

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I posted this in another thread,

If you read the comments on the UH Football athletic’s FB page, and other UH-centric pages… the mood is absolutely terrible. Some people are giddily bragging about how they won’t show up for any more games and encouraging others to not go. Which – in my opinion – punishes the student-athletes and proves we don’t belong in the P5 to detractors.

People are furious, and rightfully so. Houstonians and alums just don’t want mediocrity and won’t settle for it. Unfortunately the way it will be expressed actually hurts our program by not showing up.

Seems worse now that we tasted Peach Bowl success recently, people won’t deal with anything less than a top 25 team… and to our detriment.

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I also just got lectured by a season ticket holder that they had no obligation to show up and people don’t want to go because the product is terrible. I countered with that this is not Pro sports. She then said it doesn’t bother the kids at all if people don’t show up. I countered with, have you asked them that?

She then went on talking about UH as if it were a Tea-sip talking about us: we are not big time, we are not like other schools, our games are not an experience, yadda yadda yadda. So because of that it’s not problem not to show up.

Made me sad because she doesn’t seem to quite get it. Of course people can do what they want, but she felt like because she bought season tickets she can act any way she wants. I’m like, while that’s technically true, you’re missing the spirit of it all.

People are mad as h*ll right now, and this better get righted quick or we might face another lost generation. After Levine contrasted with Herman, people want big time right now.

BTW, I am just as disillusioned as everyone else. I think things are cracking apart and I worry just like everyone else. I just maintain it shouldn’t be taken out on the athletes.