ESPN3 and Youtube TV

Anybody else can’t get espn3 with youtubetv subscr?

If your internet provider participates, you can watch ESPN3 by selecting your provider and logging in. I had to do that.

I live in a resort type park where Internet is free and so is Dish with ESPN BUT… there is no login username and password info available for espn3


Try this shows all sporting events for free!


Ah… I messed around with it and got there thru internet provider. Thanks!

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I decided to take Hulu up on their offer for a free month

I did that last year and sometimes get email spam from them… wonder if they would deny me the freebie
now that they know me.

I have gotten more than one free week from them before, so it’s worth a shot. I don’t know how long you have to wait.

Almost all of them offer a free week, though, so you can do a tour:
Hulu LiveTV
Playstation Vue
DirecTV Now

Thanks… does Hulu have the game today?

I’ll prolly try the link earlier in this thread… I used stream backdoors last year so much It’s a wonder my computer isn’t a cesspool from that!

Scratch DirecTV Now from that list. They are apparently in the same boat as YouTube here.

Sound like the next “Justin TV” in the making…

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Some years ago I had a friend who watched AtM wemen soccer online from his university provided stream. Do they still have that? Why don’t we? It may have been an Alumni sort of membership thing.

I couldn’t get to ESPN3 games today but could once I re-upped with Hulu


I went back at hulu and they indeed remembered my email address making me ineligible for any free stuff. I have tons of email addresses because I own some domains. I’ll up for the monthly with ads for now.

Any input on how bad ads vs no ads is?

Depends on what you’re trying to do.

If you’re wanting to watch something from their library (like an old episode of Commish or something), there aren’t many ads but they make scanning an episode (fast forwarding or rewinding) kind of annoying.

If you’re watching a UH game on Live TV they superimpose over the regular ad breaks. So it’s the same number of ads. Their ads aren’t better or worse than the TV station ads. If they don’t sell enough of their ads, they’ll show the station’s which you can fast forward through.

If you’re watching off your DVR (like watching a UH game the next day) the ads are almost intolerable. They have a lot of them, they make them in addition to rather than instead of the station ads (the latter of which you can ffw through, though). It’s just not watchable.

BUT if you have Hulu, you can watch everything on ESPN/ABC through the ESPN app if you want. No DVRing, though.

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Thanks! I use a joey or something, no dvr available. Maybe I should invest in a disk recorder

what about that SCam?

cwap, hulu wants another $50 for “live” TV…

It’s $45 with the ad plan and no upgrades, which is pretty typical. Only Sling is cheaper, and Sling has no pause-play-scan, which means you can’t rewatch anything. It also includes the Hulu catalog.

All in all, I think it’s the best deal out there.

I don’t know anything about FUBO (like channel selection, pause-play-scan, etc) other than that it’s a real service that I know people have used and been happy with. So it’s not a scam I don’t think.