Fertitta Center Season Ticket Selections

Supposedly not. You are assigned a time. Whether you select seats online, by phone or in person, the time stays the same.

Here’s my question. I haven’t been inside the new arena. Any of you who have, which side is on the South? It appears, judging from the tunnel locations, that the side with the club is the old South side. If so, that means the the side that I’ll pick my seats on will be opposite the court from the entrance facing the garage where I park, not that it make that much difference.

You are very lucky Stealthcougar - and apparently younger than I - because that extra walk is way too much for me. I am going to pick a seat in section 102 - or maybe 104, even though I am eligible for a seat more in the center on the far side!

Well, since the court is diagonally positioned within the building, the court kinda runs SSE to NNW.

Based on that, I would say the club seats and players benches are more on the West side.

However, I think you correct in your assesment. You sound like you will be in the Tier 1 or 2 area…so will I.

For many seasons I’ve sat in the section directly behind the Cougar bench with the entrance tunnel on my left with student section to my right. I just rechecked the diagram and, judging by the placement of the Lewis Development Center, I’ll be on the opposite site in either section 112-115, Tier 1 or 2. However, seats in either 102 or 104 do appear interesting. I just had a change of plans Sunday so will probably go to the open house to check out the seats.

Agree that 102 and 104 do look interesting.

The question I have is what kind of railing will be along those two sections and how high will it be? Is there a virtual view from there that shows it? I know a basketball season ticket holder of another school and he warned me about the sightline of lower rows in the upper decks

There is a virtual view function…Not sure it is by row.

Use the virtual view when you log in to select your seats.

Virtual tour is pretty cool. I pick this Monday 7pm. Hope the pickins are good.


102 aisle seats closer to center court are going really fast for the first day. It looked like they were gone over the weekend when I looked and hoped that it would be reset this morning but several are already gone? Sure hope some of the 102 / 104 seats are available come Friday.

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How could they have been gone over the weekend ?

Was told that seat selection began this morning !

I noticed a lot of red dots in section 111 and 115 (formerly tier 3) already. Could it be friends buying for friends like TDECU seat selection.

Guess I should have done this over the weekend when I was looking. This is a lot of seats taken in this section (also see the two seats in the middle of the aisle all the way up). Just seems odd that the big dollar donors would be snatching only the 102 and 104 seats.

Yeah. I wonder why they have 2 red dots in the middle of most sections.

Does seem odd !!

Maybe the Russians are involved !!!

I went to the open house and asked these questions.

The red dots in the middle of each section are for “construction hold”. It is not fully known if the amount of seats in a given row will actually fit.

Some of the seats are reserved for IMG, visiting teams, recruits and UH itself.

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Interesting that they don’t know if the number of seats will fit !!!

I find that interesting at this stage of the game…what with CAD/CAM and all…

First I do not pick until Friday night, so I have some concerns about where I will be sitting.

However, it made perfect sense to me once it was explained. How would you feel if you bought seats and due to site lines and/or some other unforeseen issue they were unable to honor your request?

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