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(Jimmy Morris) #1

Just had a UH ticket agent work hard to find me best seats available in the 6 games for $54 deal. Sat in section 102 Sunday and I think 102, 104 are easily the best seats in the house for the price. I think others agree because this is how it worked out.

2 seats together in 102 or 104 were sold out for NJIT, Memphis, Wichita State, Cincy, USF and UCF. Basically all of the weekend games which also happen to be 3 of the biggest name teams coming to town plus the preseason favorite UCF.

Even in the weekday games against Tulsa, ECU and SMU, the closest rows were 7, 6 and 9. There is only 9 rows. :grinning:

(Randy Randel) #2

Have you seen David Bassity’s tweet on seat availability?

(Jimmy Morris) #3

Nope. Feel free to click on the top right of it, select copy link to tweet and paste it down here in the thread. I don’t follow him but just glanced through the last week and saw nothing basketball ticket related.

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(Jimmy Morris) #5

Notice he said “single-game” tickets. My two seats for all 6 games are in spots that weren’t available as single game tickets. Hopefully the unsold tickets reserved for mini-game packages are released more than 1 hour before each game. Suddenly 200 seats showed up an hour before the Saint Louis game that weren’t there 4 hours before the game.

(Katie) #6

I wish 102 and 104 had the cushioned seats. They provide the best view for my kid, but we both like the 112, 113 and 114 better for the comfort.

(Jimmy Morris) #7

I get what you are saying but I’m just fine sacrificing cushions to get the seats $30 less per game myself. :slight_smile:

(Katie) #8

I’ve gotten the comfortable seats for less than $7 on Seatgeek. Same as I paid for 102.


There is a plethora of seat availabilities on StubHub, SeetGeek and VividSeats. That’s why there will always be empty seats at the FC.

(Jimmy Morris) #10

Those sites share the same seats. I wouldn’t exactly call 400 tickets a “plethora” a day and a half before a game against an opponent no one in Houston heard of before they were on the schedule.

(Terence Greene) #17

Preach Jimmy! I was at the game yesterday! Definitely, 5500+ in attendance and very lively! We’re definitely on the uptick attendance wise!


Anyone seen the Wichita St ticket sales :astonished::flushed: oh my! Seems like the presale tickets are sold out! Tulsa game is also going to have a really good crowd. Just got great news! The Texans playoff game is on Saturday, but the Memphis vs UH basketball game is on Sunday.

(Jimmy Morris) #19

SMH They aren’t sold out. Wichita State is only available through mini plans. All of the games will have great attendance but please don’t announce sell outs of games that still have tickets.


Blockt! You’re annoying.

(Tom Green) #21

Can somebody say almost a sellout. :grin:. On serious note i thought it might take 6-8 gms into Conf to get more penetration of selling tiks. Sure some r just curious of FC but Coogs playing good basketball surely helps and will go long way for CKS to keep building program UP.

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(Tom Green) #23

One day I love Jimmy w some of his post, then next day like little brother , I’ll be asking what the heck!! :grin:. Some get way to serious on here imo. It’s just small talk about College Athletics for (Pete’s ) sake. Pun intended! :laughing:

(Jimmy Morris) #24

Almost a sellout is fine. Progs can call me annoying, I know I can be. I’m still going to call out anyone that says tickets are sold out when they are not. It serves no purpose.

(Jimmy Morris) #25

FYI. I’ve been keeping track of the sales for a while. Wichita State and Cincy have been close to sell outs since back after we played LSU. The mini ticket plan is a pain through the website though and why I suggest to people to call the ticket office instead.

(Tom Green) #26

I like your passion w keeping up with ticket sales and seeing how many actually show up for the games. Imo I think the crowds have been above avg considering Holidays etc. . To hear that there may have been 5k or close to 5k butts in seats for NJIT is impressive. That gm would have had 1400 fans in Hof last year. Gotta start somewhere. Wife n I will be attending our 2nd gm at FC ( Oregon) this Wed. #GoCoogs