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(Tom Green) #107

Huh, what!! :grin::joy:


Ain’t Fertitta just a Soup Up Hoffeinz


Of course me and my boys altering our sense perception before walking in the building probably didn’t help. :woozy_face:

(Tom Green) #110

Well we have one who has lost some of his hearing. Now another one has lost his seeing capability! :hushed:


And apparently someone has lost their sense of humor-n-grammar altogether :joy::joy::joy::joy:

(Tom Green) #112

Nope. Got it !


(Tom Green) #114

Your crushing me! :joy::sunglasses:

(Patrick) #115

(Patrick) #116


I live in the DFW area and trying to get a ticket for the Nov. 2 game. The only ones left are $130 and up. If someone has a reasonably priced ticket, I am interested.

(Tom Green) #118

You probably mean March 2nd game.


You are right. It has been a long week and it’s only Monday. LOL

(Tom Green) #120

will be plenty of seats available for Coog Football gms in November! :joy:


LOL. I was also working on a project plan at work for November. Need to quit multitasking.