Game Week!

So pumped its game week! Can’t wait to destroy Rice and start this season out right!


After watching the Rice highlights vs. PVAMU, I have to believe UH is going to put a hurting on the Owls.


Haven’t been this excited for the start of a football season since 2016. In fact, last Sunday I had my dates confused and thought this past Saturday was going to be game day against Rice. I was so disappointed to suddenly realize August has 31 days.


I’m stoked! I love college football and I think it’s the best event there is right now.


True. It’s a big year for CMA.

Right in time for distractions such as weddings…gotta be apart of a wedding Saturday!!(lol)

Fwiw, college coaching hot seat has CMA #9. So yeah, it’s a big year. My expectations are at least 8 wins.

Friends and family that plan weddings during football season aren’t true friends and family.


My older Brother…last to get Married…Right at the start of the Season!

I have been very fair to CMA, giving him time to adjust to being a head coach, allowing him to make some coordinator/in-game mistakes without crucifying him, etc…

But… if we don’t have a minimum of 9 wins this season with our schedule, his seat should be scorching. With the talent he has brought in both in recruiting and transfers, with the right coaches now in place, 8 wins would piss me off.


I just don’t see more than 3 games on our schedule we should even remotely consider potential losses. Those 3 are Zona, Tech and Memphis and I honestly think we’ll beat Memphis handily. Every other regular season game should be a comfortable win this year.


KB keeps the foot on the pedal. He wants the publicity for the offense. Think John Jenkins.

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I’ll add @SMU and @Navy as possible losses as well (to Zona, @Tech and @Memphis). Basically we have 5 reasonsablly loseable games and until CMA proves something to me I think we lose 3 of those 5 and end up 9-3.

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Navy in Annapolis is traditionally very tough to beat. We really underestimated that in 2016 and got beat pretty good, the final score was not indicative of how bad they pounded us that day. Weather didn’t help. Also traditionally, the earlier in the year you play them the harder they are to beat. Malcolm Perry at QB is a good fit for their offense. He has experience and has shown flashes of brilliance, sort of like King.

I might give you @Navy as a possible loss, but no chance with SMU. The same SMU team that is a 4.5 dog to UNT this weekend.

True, but that triple option plays right into the strength of our defense. Now that Ed has a ton of help and much better depth along the DL, and given that CMD actually had a good game plan for Navy last year, I think we beat them comfortably this year.

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We will lose one stupid unexpected game and that is it. We always do.

Coogs will finish in the top 12 this year. We are really really good.


Not trying to be Debbie Downer, but every single game is a potential loss. OK, maybe not TSU, but every FBS game is a potential loss. I’ve seen enough head scratchers to know – on any given Saturday…

so you were able to see them before everyone else ?
" We are really really good" On paper I guess :thinking:





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