Gameday Thread; Houston at Temple, Wednesday at 6pm onESPNNEWS (L 73-69)


Galen locking down on defense now.

(Cougarpad) #182

Armoni really needed to hit that wide open 3.

(Ben B) #183

We need points!!!

(Jimmy Morris) #184

Plenty of time left. Need to keep going inside. It’s how we started the game. It’s how we started the half for our 9 point run and it’s how we stopped the bleeding after the bad tech calls.


We cant make easy buckets


Our offensive rebounding is negligible tonight.

(Ben B) #187

We need those shots to fall!!!

(Patrick) #188

65-60 Temple with 3:47 left

Armoni is just ice cold


breaon played big down the strech for us…we really need to make something of this possesion

(Cougarpad) #191

Drive to the basket!!!

(Albert) #192

Need to take advantage of temples coldness. We are building them a new arena with these bricks

(Cougarpad) #193

Need to get to the line.

(Tom) #194

Just need to keep our composure and play defense… we can still win this

(Dan) #195

CKS is not gonna like that offensive rebound by Temple, that’ll be some line runs.


We need a big 3

(Patrick) #197

Within 1


Lets gooooo!!!

(Patrick) #199

67-66 Temple with 1:45 left. Temple ball


Galen and Brady. Sr leaders bringing us back

(Cougarpad) #201

By far Brady’s best game this year!