Games of Interest: 1/7/19-1/13/19


MSU and NC St went down and they were ahead of us. Hopefully we can take care of business at Temple


I want Duke, not worried about Tech.


Home court advantage, better believe it.

(Munzell Milluns) #24

I don’t want to face LSU again.

(Randy Randel) #25

Tulsa leading Cincy in second half

UConn was lighting up SMU

(Ricky ) #26

If anyone Is looking for something to watch, Cinci and Tulsa have a good one going on ESPN 2. And the crowd Is really into it
46-44 Tulsa 7:15 left

(Randy Randel) #27

Cincy in trouble

(Russel ) #28

Absolutely horrible execution by Tulsa to the final minute…

(Randy Randel) #29

Tulsa chokes away a W and headed to OT

(Jimmy Morris) #30



If Cincy pulls this out I’m blowing the dust off my tin foil hat.

(Dan) #32

Great road win by Cincy. And UCONN beats SMU.

(Randy Randel) #33

Cincy won. Huge choke job at home for Tulsa. Another season of playing to get to the NIT


nothing like having a 2 possession lead with the shot clock of and still losing

(Jimmy Morris) #35

Huge choke job and ESPN had already given the win to Cincy in their records while Tulsa was still ahead.


5 way tie for 2nd in the American? 6 way after Memphis/ECU.

(Jimmy Morris) #37

If ECU beats Memphis at Memphis, our conference becomes a 2 bid conference.

(Grant) #38

No chance for UCF and Cincy? What about a strong finish by temple? Is there just not enough quality wins in conference for teams to push their way in?

(Randy Randel) #40

Oregon just blew past Tulsa for a Choke of the Night. Leading by 9 at home with less than a minute left, they end up losing in OT

(Munzell Milluns) #41

I meant to say that UCF and Cincy will go to tourney. The question is Temple. We are easily three bids. Not sure if Temple has any other OOC games but they can make it too.
I think we’re sitting on 3 plus a bubble. Memphis was not going this year. That was a pipe dream imo.

(Tom Green) #42

They were up 57-51 w min to go. And b4 that it was 54-51. Still tough loss.