Goodbye to the UC Satellite

Looks like another campus landmark will soon bite the dust:( While I understand the ever present flooding issues with the Satellite, I’ll miss seeing it on my annual campus visits. It gave a nice open look to that part of the campus and was distinctive. And I’ll always remember enjoying the sun on warm spring days laying on the satellite hill .


Oh satellite how I hated walking down those steps only to see 2 places open and a long line at Starbucks. But I did have good conversations there. I’ll try and go walk around there in April to reminisce.

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I always went to the study rooms upstairs. Much quieter than the library in those days.

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I dug it, but I know it’s always had ridiculous flooding issues.

The Satellite was always quieter…at least for the semester or so after it reopened after Allison. But I guess I can understand how an open pit in Houston is just not a good idea anymore.

I have good memories of students gathering around the big tv in the main entry area watching Jerry Springer at the upswing of his fame. That was fun. The post-Allison Satellite was also quite nice but very different. Still have memories of both.

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Hope we don’t change the name here! :sob:

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I saw the OJ verdict at the satellite…that’s my memory


Was there a crowd reaction?

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Yes, that is when I learned how different the trial was for blacks and whites.

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My first college beer was at the UC. For that alone, I’m sad to see it go.