Gregg Marshall Out At Wichita?

He’s been doing it for months and now a ton starts leaking out at once. I think they want him gone.

If it’s a brilliant move to save him, I think it will end up as an epic fail. We will see.

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i think they waited for when the story was about to drop…it would be a wierd coincidence to decide you want to fire someone for “cause” the exact same time a hit piece is being written about you

from both articles; theathletic and goodman, everyone knew marshall has been abusive,…and had incidents dating back to 2014…Wichita has had tons of chances to fire him with cause for a while before any hit being was being made…he is still loved in Wichita, and internally they think they have a ncaa tournament team…
also if they just wanted him fired, they could have done nothing and just let the goodman piece drop. instead they leaked a story to the athletic, saying Wichita was already investigating, where marshall was able to give a comment hours before goodmans story dropped (and left out all the racial stuff)

We will see. If WSU fights for him and keeps him, I’m wrong. I think things are changing with the WSU/Marshall relationship.

Either way, it doesn’t matter much to me. Just giving my opinion.


edit: i want to add that im not saying it saves him, but it atleast gives them a chance to wait it out with the media and see if the story goes away …

If ANY of this is true he does not deserve to be a coach in our conference.


Makes sense why they had such a mass exodus of players leaving

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It matters to the league. Marshall is a stud head coach and always brings more to the conference than WSU takes out. I want him to survive. If we ever want to be a five-bid league every year we need Marshall coaching at WSU.

Penny’s Moving and Storage is always precariously close to a dumpster fire. And SMU may not be able to buy enough good coaches.


So it’s okay to physically abuse players and staff as long as the Ws follow? He’s gone. Can’t do that kind of thing today. Wichita State will be able to find a good coach. It’s a good program as much for its fans as Marshall. Besides, he would struggle with recruiting after half the team left and incriminating evidence has come out.


Thats what I was trying to say that behavior is completely unacceptable


I agree but that type of behavior would have been good in the north also. Remember all the great seasons Bobby Knight had? And don’t forget Woody Hayes

Well that behavior eventually led to to bobby knight getting fired from IU…

If those allegations are true, then I can’t imagine any respectable school retaining him.

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What in Sam’s post was worthy of flagging? Jeez you guys are ruining this site.


I just think everything needs to be evaluated before everyone throws him out. He’s had a long career and, while tough, he’s not been accused of racism in the past to my knowledge.

I can’t imagine choosing a career involving predominantly black athletes while being a racist. It doesn’t make sense.

That said, my thought are entirely selfish.

I’d guess that WSU is going to try to keep him if they can, but if he’s done what is alleged, that will be tough.

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I doubt Marshall survives this. I don’t think he’s done coaching forever but this is really bad and he needs some time away. He seems to have pretty serious issues with anger management (see video below). It will be hard for WSU to find a coach to take over, have Marshall’s success, and stay there. But they’ve got great facilities and a great fanbase. It’s a desirable gig.


all signs point to him suvivng now…
likely put on counseling or suspension…
the signs btw: goodman and the athleic make crazy claims of abuse and racial remarks…tons of backlash happened that night. After most of the backlash Wichita releases a statement that its under investigation. And that until the investigation is done marshall will run practices as normal (the coach just accused on abuse)…

many witness chose not to participate in the school conducted investigation only spoke with goodman…also many of goodmans witnesses are anonymous. Plenty of Wichita players have come out in support of Marshall

goodman is pushing this story like crazy, but the national media in general doesnt care, most moved on after a 2-3 hours. Without new serious claims, or some major source joining the backlash…im think its leaning towards him staying

my guess is 65-35 odds for him saying right now


This may seem strange but I wonder when he’s had his last physical. I had my thyroid go bad and walked around feeling like I could kill someone until diagnosed. I even blew up at a friend over a trivial matter that normally would have been sluffed off. Meds corrected that. It was a very strange time for me.

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Nothing to see here…this happens more often then you know…he’s not going anywhere

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