AD was there when he was at Rice I think

Interesting way of putting this . . . .

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Didn’t realize Russell Stockton was an assistant coach for HBU. Read his bio and can’t tell based on that alone how good of a coach he is. I had a lot of respect for his dad, the late Bragg Stockton, for how he devolpment pitching talent.

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B has been working hard for this, paying his dues. Best hire for both of them. I wish him success.

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It would be pretty embarrassing he reels in some the top talent in town and HBU becomes a baseball power.

No reason they can’t. They were about as good as DBU when both were NAIA. DBU made the transition smoothly but it didn’t go as well for HBU. It’d be nice to have another local team to play mid-week that wouldn’t hurt the RPI… :thinking: or in the case of 2021, it’d be nice to have A local team that wouldn’t hurt the RPI. Hopefully we’ll get someone here to out-recruit him.

Nah, I would rather they not be a threat and instead play someone else to boost RPI. We already have to compete with the Big 12 and SEC along with Rice for recruits.

DBU put all of its resources into baseball - no surprise they win

HBU was better across the board as an NAIA as they could get talent to come drop down or get non NCAA qualifiers to enroll easy. There was a reason they had strong hoop teams.

When they went back D1 and added football everything dropped a notch.

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The baseball facilities at HBU are at best on par with decent local HS programs. They likely divert more into FB.

Don’t have lights still

What are the chances, if we don’t turn things around next year, we hire Berkman after he has a year under his belt?

Don’t bigger Texas schools snatch promising coaches from smaller schools all the time?

Wasn’t there some controversy a few years back regarding him possibly being coach for Rice?

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I would much rather have a proven coach or at least a top assistant. Sorry but other than his name not sure what Berkman brings to the table


Yes he got upset from what I remember

UH doesn’t hire like that - we think a Power 5 coach has all the answers as that’s who we like to hire.
All we do is get into more debt by giving them more than they need

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Probably equivalent to what Penny brings to Memphis basketball. Knowledge of the game that can help the players succeed and better themselves for the next level. I bet he will get Pettitte in there too. I bet they will improve their facilities as well.

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I would be worried about why Rice did not want him either time.

He was from the era where Rice was a little loose in terms of trying to win - to get that talent you gotta play academic hardball and Rice doesn’t want to play that

Remember when Graham left they really started on trying to copy Duke, Vandy and Stanford

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