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Some of the students have started a gofund me to get 40,000 “come and take him” shirts made which would be handed out for free at the Louisville game. I think it’s a pretty cool effort to show Herman that we are his biggest advocates and It would make the atmosphere at the Louisville game even cooler than it already would be.

The total is already almost up to 3,000 and the goal is 20,000 so feel free to donate if y’all like the idea.

Here’s the shirt

This is a pretty cool idea. I ordered one through booster.com a few days ago, but if they don’t get orders for 50 shirts (currently sitting at 26), it may not happen. I will definitely be at the Louisville game, so if Booster doesn’t work out, I can get one at the game.

Here’s the booster link if anyone wants to order there. All net proceeds are going to the TDECU Stadium Fund.

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Just to clarify, the $20K is the minimum and would cover the student section. Anything past that would go to others. If they get more money than needed to purchase 40K shirts the money would go to Pride or stadium fund.


Ahhh, thanks for clarifying.

Get it to the students… I contributed.

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I am all for it! Quick note: will this, also, be Senior day? Something to highlight them would be cool too! I could have swore Greg just came in from Tyler :sweat:.

This is a great idea. Sent some money in this morning.

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The Louisville game is currently the last scheduled game at TDECU this season. However, we could play the American championship game at TDECU two weeks later.

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UH fan’s shirt idea takes shot at interest in Tom Herman
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Herman began to laugh when shown the image of Hunt’s T-shirt after Tuesday’s practice.

“That’s great,” he said. “It’s very witty.”

While not directly responding to job rumors, Herman said things like the T-shirt show the passion of the UH fan base.

“I think that’s what our fan base has become - a big-time college football fan base,” he said. “They go to great lengths to help their team win.”

Up to $7000 after one day now, thanks to everyone contributing!

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Up to 10K! WOW!



It’s the #Htowntakeover…wow!!!

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They would need over 140k for everyone in the stadium. I’ll give my part and see how far it goes. I bought one separately for myself

A Coog stepped up and offered a better deal. We’re down to just under $3/shirt. $116k for the whole stadium. Personally, I’d like to just outfit the student section, and then donate the rest to CP, but we’ll see what happens.

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I imagine there will be some Lousiville fans (as well as fans of other schools) who won’t wear the shirt. Should just worry about the students and everyone else can buy one on their own.

We are over halfway to our goal for supplying the student section!!!

I love this! Someone just gave 1K and another did 500. What a time to be alive. Go Coogs!


Where did you buy one separately for yourself? I received a link to a Booster campaign a few days ago and ordered a shirt through there. Since then, when you go to that page, it says the campaign is on hold. It seems like these orders will be cancelled in favor of a different avenue for selling them. I would like to get one sooner rather than later, so if you can post a link for that place, I would appreciate it.

Now someone just dropped 1K!!!

I went to Tee Spring.

I ordered one from the original batch of 50.Mine still shipped, but it looks like they are having an issue. Fingers crossed.

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