Holgerson quarterback recruiting

(Chris) #21

CDH knows what our needs are. We need to rebuild our defense & improve our OL. We had glaring holes on both sides. I trust CDH to address them.

(Munzell Milluns) #22

Damn right. Because DH doesn’t roll with with a shabby line to protect his QB.

(shharper01) #23

Appears that Tyson only really played in Jason McKinley’s RS-Freshman year until Jason took over the reigns. In his first three years ('96-'98), Tyson was 35 of 84 for 392 yards (1 TD and 4 picks).

Helton was able to recruit McKinley in '95 despite four wins in his first three years as coach. Tyson was the back-up. Great depth!

After two years at Duke as a GA and RB coach, Clay Helton was RB coach when Ketric Sanford was a star.


Tyson did start for his high school. I was there. He started for Clements.


Chuck Clements was QB in '96. That was a pretty god team that won the conference and played in the Liberty Bowl vs. Donovan McNabb.

(Sam) #26

Really? Every game? I could have sworn I saw that he either did not start or may have gotten the nod in a few games.


Then, this doesn’t bode well for D’eriq King next season in my opinion, if this is indeed the case. The last thing we want to do is take away his scrambling ability and limit him to just passing. I worry that it would be the same situation that happened to Khalil Tate at Arizona, when Sumlin came in and made him a strictly passing quarterback. I don’t want King to overthink things. I feel that is what happened to Greg Ward his senior year. I believe they tried limit his running ability and forced him to throw more. Granted, King is a way better passer than him but I want King to be his natural self next season. We will need it.

(Cougarpad) #28

You need to remember that Sumlin was not an offensive minded coach. Sumlin never developed a QB but inherited Case and Manziel. Holgerson is not stupid and if he looks at any kind of game film can see the strengths of King. Great offensive Coordinators call plays to their QB strengths and nobody should be questioning Dana’s offensive mind.


But Sumlin’s offensive coordinator his first two years was Holgerson and then Kliff, where they made Case throw it more than run. Granted Case was great at it and we also had some good backs. Same offense and I’m sure same mentality will be applied though.

(PMM) #30

Surely you are not comparing King’s and Keenum’s running ability !

We are talking apples and oranges !


Keenum’s freshman year with Briles, he had the nickname “sweet feet” because running was one of his strengths. Of course he wasn’t as good as King but he could hold his own. When Sumlin came, they toned that down. I remember it clearly. I sat front row in the student section every game.


I can’t picture our new coach playing daddy ball. I would watch dad for 4 or 5 years on the sideline, learn to coach, and maybe make big money like pops.


And Keenum went on to greatness, I’m sure King will be fine

(CoogNation_14) #34

In his defense, we didn’t pay the coaches well at all, so an added bonus could have been a scholarship for his kids.

It’s remarkable how far we have come so quickly


He’s shown the ability to adjust based on his talent. This should have been obvious the first year at Ok St., where the feature of his offense was the 3 back diamond formation. Whatever works.

(Cougarpad) #36

I was trying to make that point to the poster who is worried that Dana is going to not know how to use King like he is a novice coordinator.

(PMM) #37

He wasn’t a great runner… lack of speed.

However, he was good at evading the pass rush and getting the pass off. Our O Line that year was not good… and Briles had lost interest after Kolb left.

(Cougarpad) #38

Let’s not forget that King is not a big guy. I don’t like them calling all these designed runs for him and risk him getting banged up and injured. I think King is good running when a play breaks down which is where I’d like to see him use his legs the most. He has a great arm and also can look to use his legs to get receivers open. I don’t mind him running within a couple yards of the endzone but I am not sure if calling all these running plays between the 20s is using his arm the best way. Dana will find the middle ground between using Kings legs and his arm.


I’m pretty sure Holgorsen will be able to figure out how to utilize a Heisman-candidate QB to best help the team win.

If I were him, I’d tell everyone that King is done being a runner, and that he’ll only be a drop-back passer. When he busts out for 100 yards rushing in the first game, they’ll figure it out.


King is the same size as Kyler Murray, perhaps a little larger and Murray won the Heisman. He is also as good at running, passing and directing the offense. Life as a dual threat QB is hazardous, but where there is no guts, there is no glory. King has a lot of guts