Hotel/Parking Suggestions for Navy Game?

(Steve O'Keefe) #1

Coogs – if you have any suggestions & tips for hotels, game-day parking, Naval Academy tours, etc. for this fall’s Navy game – plz pass them along; they are greatly appreciated…


I attended the game in Annapolis back in 2016 and we drove into Annapolis from DC the day of the game. Most likely you will need to rent a car if you are flying into DC or Baltimore.

Here is the link for the game day guide from last season from the Navy’s website that includes parking details, directions, and hotel lodging.

(Steve O'Keefe) #3

Thanks for the link…

(Marcus) #4

We did the same. Stayed in DC and rented car for the day of the game. We parked in an elementary school and walked to the stadium. Hopefully the weather will be better this time around.

(Al) #5

Uber: practical and cost efficient.

(Mike Higdon) #6

In 2016 there was some kind of national boating thing going on that weekend and everything was crowded. Parking was not easy to get, we parked a ways away, maybe 3/4 of a mile, in someone’s yard for a reasonable fee. Being it was raining, it seemed longer. All things considered, it was a miserable day.

I haven’t decided whether I will go again this year, but if I do it will be solo. My charming bride said she will never go back there and I’ve decided I don’t enjoy long trips that take a weekend that much when said charming bride doesn’t go. I’ve still done it a lot, but I am going to cut back on that.

(Mathew Donovan) #7

Get there early. Plenty of parking at all the churches, schools etc along the main drive. Watch the cadet March in. Awesome experience.

(Ben) #8

We, my brother, his son, my significant other and I stayed in Alexandria, Va for 9 nights. Hotel is really close to rail system and made traveling around DC very easy. We saw the sights, then rented a car for a couple of days. Visited the big A & S museum, drove out to Annapolis, toured the Academy the day prior to the game, returned for the game. Boat show did cause problems, but we did get to see a lot of the Academy and the town. There is so much to do in the area. With a little luck, we’ll do something similar this year. Parked at the Harry S Truman Park and Ride early, caught a quick bus ride to the game. Easy ride there and back. Sad trip back, but visited with a female cadet. She told me that the Marines were the men’s department of the Navy. I’ll never forget laughing with her.


Went in 2016. Stayed in DC a few days and rented a car to attend the game. Stay in DC and see the sights. Wear your Cougar Red everyday. I saw quite a few Cougars walking around the monuments and had several Texans working in DC come and and say Howdy. If have a car, make the drive out to the Udvar-Hazy Air and Space Museum. . The one on the Mall is cool but small. Udvar-Hazy is the real deal so give yourself a few hours to see it all. There are tolls so be prepared but well worth it.

Weather sucked on game day and the game sucked even more and despite the total no-show for our team, they almost pulled it out. Navy was pretty jacked in pre-game and our guys looked like they didn’t want to get wet.

Go Coogs! Lets hope for a better outcome this year.

(Ron Derrington) #10

Let me know if you’re interested in a good crabcake sandwich and beer and I will dig through my CC receipts to find the place at which we “dined” prior to the game. Good food, and appeared to have more locals than tourists.


Going with the UH Alumni group. Staying at the Doubletree. Hard to find rooms in the immediate area.
Hey Ron, are you going again this year?


Red Hot and Blue. Navy game in’16 went there for dinner one night, convinced the wife to go back the next day for lunch. Good ribs, pulled pork, and okra is fried with corn/flour combo.
Rest of the weekend was terrible what with the hurricane and us losing. Red hot and blue made it worthwhile.

(Ron Derrington) #13

Doesn’t look like I’ll be going this year, unless my wife changes her mind about going, or I get a kitchen pass.


Galway Bay does some mean crab cakes and oysters. And beer. Tasty, tasty beer.

(Larry) #15

In 2016 we stayed in Bowie, Md halfway between DC and Annapolis on the highway between the two. Took our normal Wednesday night special at the Texas Roadhouse where we delivered a Texas flag signed by the staff at our local Texas Roadhouse. Next time I’d consider Carrollton, MD. Carrollton is the last stop on the Orange rail route to DC. We drove the few miles there each day to grab the train into DC so brother and SIL could see DC. They had not been before. If your going spend a few days extra and want to go into DC, I’d highly recommend it. Parking was a bear because of the Boat Show game day.

(Chris Vaughan) #16

Cantler’s Crab House is great. So good we went 2 nights in a row. Aunt Suzies for breakfast is strong but you’ll wait in line. Lots of great bars and restaurants. We stayed at O’Callaghans but it’s been redone as a Hilton Garden Inn and they want $350/night now. Staying at a Choice Suites across the river. We also hit a German restaurant our first night that was the real deal it wasn’t in Nap Town but about a 15-20 minute ride away.called the Old Stein Inn.

(Bob A) #17

We are making the trip this year. Funny thing…I’m a Baltimore native but I’ve never been to Annapolis. We are making it an East Coast vacation trip and spend some time in Charm City, NYC, DC and maybe a few other spots.

(Ron Derrington) #18

Ok, checked my credit card records, and the place where we had really good crab cakes is Chick and Ruth’s Delly (Delly not deli). Has all the ambiance of your average garage, but food was good. Also, the place was filled with repeat customers and not tourists.

(Cathy) #19

Boatyard Bar & Grill is close to the Naval Academy, across the bridge and within walking distance. They have very good crab cakes. We like Paladar Latin Kitchen & Rum Bar in Annapolis. It’s a chain. Prices are reasonable. They have monthly rum drink specials.

(Steve O'Keefe) #20

Thanks for all the tips, everybody!