Houston at Memphis - Sunday at 1pm (W 4-3)

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(Patrick) #22

Yep, at the plate.

(Tom Green) #23

That can’t happen. Seems like some of things you described have happened over n over all year. Bad trend! :exploding_head:

(Patrick) #24

Bottom of the 9th

Villarreal on to pitch

  • K looking for out 1
  • line out to Thomas for out 2
  • fly out to Thomas ends it

Coogs win: 4-3

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(Patrick) #27

Really reminds me of the last time we missed the tourney. Just plagued by poor situational hitting, base running mistakes and bad fielding.

(Tom Green) #28

Yep. Wasn’t it like 14 or 15

(Tom Green) #29

There obviously not that talented to get away w that kind of play n come out on top consistently.

(Patrick) #30
  1. And they almost made it, but lost in the AAC tourney final to UCONN.

(Tom Green) #31

Remember it well!

(Tom Green) #32

UConn had good LH I think.

(Patrick) #33

At least they got the win today. FIU on Tuesday and then ECU at home next weekend. Really need to win that series.

(Tom Green) #34

Have to take ECU. Last I saw they were undefeated in Conf. Not sure how they did today

(Tom Green) #35

Thanks for play by play it was Priceless! :rofl:

(Patrick) #36

Won again. Swept UCF and USF to open conference. They’re a monster.

(Tom Green) #37

Geez. They earned that top 15 ranking in most polls to start season. Coogs will have play very well, but they’re at Home! #GoCoogs

(Butch) #38

Great to win a game…I am as disappointed as anyone with this team, but it is obvious we lack in the hitting department outside of Davis. I wonder if Whitting is thinking about mixing up our pitching rotation? It has been less than steller on Friday and Saturday’s…

(Patrick) #39

Not sure he can do much with the rotation. Lockhart’s been pretty steady up until this last outing and Randel is basically the same as last year in that he’ll eat up innings, but not be spectacular.

Looks like Bond has won the Sunday job which is good as he’s pitched well this year. Aguilar had a good start this week which is great to see as he’s probably the most talented of any of the starter candidates, but is coming off injury and hasn’t been consistent yet. Roedahl had a chance against UCONN and couldn’t get out of the 1st inning. Pettitte has looked good in very limited action, but he could start down the road once he gets his endurance up; probably won’t be this year.

Pitching was the question mark before the season, but it hasn’t been that bad. It’s everything else (outside of Joe Davis) that’s been a let down so far.


At ECU, baseball is bigger than basketball imo. Back in our C-USA days there was a C-USA baseball message board and it was 55% ECU, 40% Tulane, 5% all other schools.