Houston at Tulane - Game 1 (L 17-16)

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Gametracker: http://www.uhcougars.com/gametracker/launch/gt_mbasebl.html?event=1577396&school=hou&sport=mbasebl&camefrom=&startschool=&

Radio: https://portal.stretchinternet.com/uh/

Video (Sub): http://tulanegreenwave.com/watch/?Live=309&type=Live

(Patrick) #3

Top 1st

Coogs down in order

M1…No Score

(Patrick) #4

Bottom 1st

Tulane down in order

T2…No Score

(Patrick) #5

Top 2nd
With 1 out, Bielo reaches 2nd on a single (off the pitcher) and a throwing error, moves to 3rd on a Padgett single. Padgett then steals 2nd. Bielo scores and Padgett moves to 3rd on a Coldiron groundout…Coogs lead 1-0

Minter doubles to score Padgett…Coogs lead 2-0

M2…UH leads 2-0

(Patrick) #6

Sanchez mentions that Lovelace suffered a shoulder injury which is why he hasn’t played lately.

(Patrick) #7

Bottom 2nd

Cumbie gives up a one out single, a 2 out walk and a double that ties the game…2-2

T3…Tied 2-2

(Patrick) #8

Top 3rd

Coogs down in order

M3…Tied 2-2

(Patrick) #9

Bottom 3rd

Cumbie escapes after giving up a leadoff 4 pitch walk and the runner getting to 3rd with two outs.

T4…Tied 2-2

(Patrick) #10

Top 4th

Davis HBP and Bielo walked to leadoff the inning. Padgett walks on 4 pitches to load the bases. Tulane goes to the pen due to injury.

1 out wild pitch scores Davis…Coogs lead 3-2

Minter doubles again and brings home 2 more…Coogs lead 5-2

Redden singles to put runners on the corners. Hollis squeeze scores Minter…Coogs lead 6-2. Hollis reaches and Redden gets to 3rd on the throwing error at the plate.

Lockhart walks with 2 outs to load the bases. Davis doubles Home 2 more…Coogs lead 8-2

Bielo walks to load the bases. Padgett walks to score Lockhart…Coogs lead 9-2…Tulane goes to the pen again

Coldiron singles up the middle to plate two more…Coogs lead 11-2. Runners on the corners

Minter with his 3rd hit of the night as he singles home Padgett…Coogs lead 12-2

M4…UH leads 12-2

(Patrick) #11

Bottom 4th

Cumbie gives up a one out single, a walk and a 2 out walk to load the bases. Error on a Coldiron allows a run, but they get the 2nd runner at the plate.

T5…UH leads 12-3

(Patrick) #12

Top 5th

1 out walk for Triolo and Lockhart follows by reaching on an error. Double play ends the inning though.

M5…UH leads 12-3

(Patrick) #13

Bottom 5th

Tulane down in order

T6…UH leads 12-3

(Patrick) #14

Top 6th
Bielo and Padgett HBP to leadoff the inning. Redden with a 2 out single to score Bielo…Coogs lead 13-3. Runners on the corners.

Hollis walks to load the bases.

M6…UH leads 13-3

(Patrick) #15

Bottom 6th

Leadoff single, double, and another single score a run…Coogs lead 13-4

Sac fly scores another…Coogs lead 13-5

T7…UH leads 13-5

(Butch) #16

We finally score a bunch of runs for Cumbie and he gets hit hard again…what’s the deal with our ace? Keep the bats going guys…

(Butch) #17

But don’t get me wrong, I am tickled to death our bats are coming alive…just a little concerned with Cumbie lately…Go Coogs…let’s win this first one…

(Patrick) #18

I think he’s either tipping his pitches or he’s getting too much of the zone when he’s got favorable counts. Could be a combination of both.

(Patrick) #19

Top 7th
Lockhart leads off and is HBP. Davis follows with a single. Tulane goes to the bullpen.

Bielo with a bunt base hit to load the bases. After a 3rd to home double play, Coldiron singles to bring home Bielo and move Padgett to 3rd…Coogs lead 14-5

M7…UH leads 14-5

(Patrick) #20

Bottom 7th

Pulido on for Cumbie

Leadoff walk, catcher’s interference, and a single bring home a run…Coogs lead 14-6

1 out double brings home 2 more…Coogs lead 14-8

T8…UH leads 14-8