Houston faces Lamar at the Fertitta Center - ESPN3 at 7pm (W 79-56)

(Marcus) #41

Galen 2-2 from 3 and Davis finally hits!


I’m getting the same thing as you??? I also have direct tv


gale robinson…sharp shooter :sunglasses:

(Patrick) #44

44-25 at the half as Galen and Hinton basically took over and gave the Coogs the big lead.


I have DirectTV and went to UHCougars, game tab, clicked on ESPN3…


How’s the crowd?


I thought I forgot password etc, maybe it has something to do with the merger of direct tv and att&t?? No clue I’m computer illiterate lol

(Jerrycoog) #48

You don’t need to log in to watch when its espn3.

(Patrick) #49


It asks to login with ur provider

(Patrick) #51

Students have filled it in a bit on the end line where I’m sitting. Overall decent for a weeknight game against Lamar, but disappointing for the 2nd game at the new arena.

Have a feeling the next home game against LSU will be more packed


Any pictures lol


you probably dont have a internet service from a major internet provider…espn3 is only free from most major internet providers

its not free for small internet providers


Tried that also but keeps asking me to sign in with provider direct tv


on tv its looks completely empty

but the students showed up, but the camera angles dont point towards them

(Patrick) #56

(Jerrycoog) #57

I always get a kick of people criticizing attendance at home watching on tv.

(Cougarpad) #58

There is a ref who is having a bad night. All the bad calls are coming from him and he seems to not have a clue. Calling a lot of phantom fouls.

(Patrick) #59

47-29 Coogs with 17:46 left. Sloppy start to the half and CKS was highly upset at Alley when they came off the floor.


More than a few defensive mistakes tonight.