Houston Football: UCF Post Game Press Conference 11.2.19


The pic speaks volumes.

Talking to reporters is not a normal conversation. His choice of words does not represent us well.

So, you prefer coach speak !!

I don’t.

I also get the impression that some players are not getting it done in practice. If true, they might not be around next year. JMHO.


I like his pressers. He pretty much tells it like it is with no sugar coating. I know in this wusified era a lot of folks just can’t handle the truth, but I’m older and prefer stright talk to platitudes and participation ribbons. As far as how he “represents” UH, he is fine in my book. I couldn’t care less if the media gets their panties in a wad.


I’m with you Red and EE, there is nothing wrong with his presser at all. I like the brutal truth. I think coach’s speak is an insult to our intelligence, we see what’s going on. Aand I don’t think it does any good for the players. I think it will toughen up the players and I think it will help build them up to handle things both on the field and off the field.

Despite the losing, I have really enjoyed watching these players. Even when they’re down I don’t see any quit in them. To me, that speaks volumes about the character of all these young men. And a lot of them are playing beat up/injured. So I’m quite proud of all these boys and I’m glad that the coach keeps mentioning their hard work.


This is Texas. We expect Call and Woodrow.

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Yeah, I really liked Lonesome Dove and Woodrow.

No doubt CDH would whack a surly bartender.

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My thoughts exactly.


It was a helluva party.

I agree. He wears his emotions on his sleeve and his pressers are unprofessional. A coach can be honest, direct and still maintain a degree of professional decorum. I fully support CDH, but he should project a better image in front of the press.


No thanks. I prefer authenticity, because “professional decorum” eventually turns into coach speak.


Dana will be Dana. I think he gets the UH FB ship righted next year.

Reminder: The happy clapper (aka Mack Brown) has returned to North Carolina and his UT protege (aka Major Applewhite) left us in a lurch last year. At this point, I will gladly support the UH FB team as well as CKS’s BB squad! Let’s hoop it up! Go Coogs!


The highest paid employee of the University should be a better public representation of the University.

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Renu Khator is the face for the entire university. Coach Holgorsen is face of the football program.


Agreed. I watch these because CDH gives enough honesty in the answers to actually get some insight into what is happening behind the scenes.

If it was all generic coach speak I wouldn’t bother.


There we go with the pay issue again.

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Don’t think of it in terms of “pay.” Think of it terms of value. Are we getting the value he is getting paid for at UH? Another way to think about it? Could another coach, who gets paid less, do similarly or better?


I just want to win. CDH is getting paid for what we think he can make the program, not what our record would be after one season.

I don’t see why anyone cares what a coach gets paid. I personally like being a school who is willing to pay for a coach they believe in. I would rather pay $4 mil for a coach that could win 10 games and a conference championship than have a coach who volunteers for no pay but would max out at bowl eligible every season. I’m not saying CDH is either of those, just making the point.