Houston to use All-America DT Ed Oliver on offense


I was wondering if we would use him early on offense so he could strike the Heisman pose when he scores. Defensive tackles don’t get a lot of TD opportunities like a Charles Woodson.

As long as we don’t put him in a situation where he will get hurt I am all for it.


Well, every single play he’s on the field is an opportunity to get hurt, so I’m all for using him however it benefits the team. Especially if Ed is ok with it.


Agree and understand, but I feel that certain players are more likely to get hurt when they’re playing a position that they’re not accustomed to.

Howard playing special teams, cornerback, or wide receiver is not a far stretch. Having a defensive tackle play running back… ok, but playing wide receiver I feel is a stretch. Tight end… fine. Again I’m all for him helping the team in whatever way possible, but I’d hate to see someone take a cheap shot and they ruin his future.


I pretty much felt the same way until I saw all the cheap shots at his knees on defense last year. Now I’ve changed my tune. If the player (who knows he’s a top 5 player in the draft the next year) is ok with it, who am I to question. Sure will be exciting!


I guess that’s why I cringed at the same time lol.

True, especially when you see other players coast their final year.

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"Ed Oliver has contributed a lot in his two seasons at Houston. In fact, he’s poured in 139 tackles, 10.5 sacks, 39.5 TFLs, five forced fumbles, one fumble recovery and 12 passes defended.

But he has not caught or rushed the ball."

Didn’t he rush for a TD in the Hawaii Bowl?


Yes sir.

Giving Ed the ball on a designed play just seems like a PR gimmick so we can say “and he scored a touchdown too”. If we don’t have guys who can punch it in from the 1 or closer, we have big problems again with the rushing attack.

Now if we end up in a NY6 vs 'Bama or The OSU, and we’re down by 5 with 4th and goal from the 1 and 2 seconds on the clock, then yes, put him in there. Then fake it to him and let King bootleg for the win. Party all night long!!!

We’ll have Terence Williams for short yardage plays. We’ll be way better in that regard with him than we’ve been since Farrow was here. But you’re 100% correct that giving Big Ed opportunities to score offensive TDs is absolutely a PR gimmick to give him traction in Heisman voting. But it will still be fun to watch.


Every now and then I’m ok with it. But not on a regular basis. Wasn’t a fan of the shot he took to his legs on this 1yd run.


Playing and scoring TD on offense and special teams is the only way a defensive player gets invited to NY for the Heisman ceremony. Can Ed kick extra points?

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Big Ed is probably no more at risk running the ball every now and again that he his playing on defense. Working in the trenches is brutal and with his motor, he also risks lots of cheap shots pursuing plays in the open field on a regular basis. If he is fine with playing some offense and it helps the team and helps him get invited to NYC, he deserves the opportunity and our support of it.

I seem to recall JJ Watt getting injured on an offensive set with him in the backfield and getting the carry. Probably a pre-existing injury for Watt but it makes me nervous.

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Honestly with all the double team cheap shots (some accidental, some intentional) that Ed took last year, his knees are probably safer on offense.

Ole Miss would do the same thing with their blue-chip DE Robert Nkemdiche a few years ago.

Until this

Here was Ed’s TD in the Bowl game:


At AAC media days they discussed some new chop block rules to protect players. None would help Ed in the trenches but one is no chop blocks 5 yards from the line of scrimmage so that would help in downfield pursuits. I was only half listening for the rest.

That shot he took against Temple seemed to be the worst last year. A hole built for a RB opened up for him, he went through it and some goon came through like a missile for his knees. Seemed too elaborate not to be planned but it is legal. Legal but cheap.


Here’s the play that Ed got hurt on against Temple:

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