Houston vs. New Orleans - Wed Nov 29 at 7 (W 75-66)

(Patrick) #1

Much better Southland Conference team than we just played. They did lose to Memphis 63-52 so this will be a nice measuring stick.


Actually, Pomeroy ranks UIW slightly better than UNO.

(Ryon Adams) #3

Itโ€™ll be another blowout.

One sign of progress: under Clyde McBrooks and Dickey, we were either getting close wins against, or even losing to Southland Conference teams.

Now weโ€™re blowing them out.

(Dan) #4

Ok what is all this flohoops junk? Seriously? What happened to all our junk games being on espn3? I have that partly so I can watch the bball team.
The OOTC struggle is real.

(Patrick) #5

ESPN is cutting back and may not be picking up as many games.

Also, didnโ€™t realize that New Orleans was rated worse. Was going off last yearโ€™s RPI.

(Patrick) #6

New Orleans lost to 4-3 South Alabama 55-52 last night; now 1-4 on the year.

(David) #7

So avoid looking ahead to Arkansas on Saturday and things should be okay for the Coogs on Wednesday night?

(Patrick) #8

Made it

(Patrick) #9

(Patrick) #10

(Patrick) #11

12-8 UH at the 1st whistle. Lot of energy tonight.

Brady had the first 5 points. Coogs have only missed twice.

(Patrick) #12

23-12 Coogs with 11:52 to go. Defense is looking good right now.

(Patrick) #13

25-17 Coogs 7:17 left in the half.

Offense is struggling right now.

(Patrick) #14

38-31 at half. Coogs started out well, but struggled on both sides after that hot start.

UNO really playing tight defense and the Coogs having issues.

(Patrick) #15

(Patrick) #16

40-38 Coogs with 15:14 to go. Coogs have 5 fouls early so things are less than ideal right now.

(Patrick) #17

Refs are not good tonight, but the team is going to have to deal with this. UNOโ€™s physicality is really causing them problems.

(Patrick) #18

44-41 Coogs. 11:44 left.

Game is ugly right now.

UNO in the bonus.

(Patrick) #19

48-48 9:43 left.

(Patrick) #20

51-48 after Corey hits a three. Then Brady draws an offensive foul on UNO. 7:50 left.