How do we rekindle the buzz around Coog football?

How do we get a similar buzz and level of energy around football that UH MBB enjoys? Winning will obviously help, but I think it will take more than that to get fans in the stands and attract local media interest. I’m excited about the upcoming season and I’m optimistic that with this year’s schedule we should do pretty well. Maybe as a result of being locked up the past year with COVID restrictions, folks will be more eager to come out to watch Coog football.

Does anyone have any insight into Pez’s plans to generate some buzz around the program?

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It’s going to take him begging fans to come out. If he doesn’t we’re doomed.

Just win baby !


This has been the hardest part of getting over Herman. We can all point to how much excitement there was. The thing to remember is it didn’t take anytime to create. Until we start winning there is no brand to promote, it will be a shrinking fanbase of diehards if we don’t turn things around


I agree, perhaps Herman caught lightning in a bottle and had a solid roster to start with, but he was sure one hell of a promoter.


Our football program feels like Area 51 these days. It’s march 9th and still not a single release on anything spring football related. Training camp was the same way. Probably connected to covid but still it’s weird.


Hard to talk Cougar football when we get no info


There is nothing to report yet, Spring practice starts the week after spring break on the 22nd. Meanwhile , they have been in the weight room and doing conditioning and agility drill competitions.


Our University should designate someone to put out info.

Then get it onto this Forum.

Best of all…win all the Sept. games.


I agree 100%. I know this is unfair but I gotta say it. The delta between the marketing/media efforts of MBB versus football is as wide as the Katy Frwy/IH-10. Recently I watched UH RB Chandler Smith’s recent You Tube video “A day in the life of a D1 football player”. I was like this is really cool, but how come a player has the energy and time to produce an interesting video, yet the AD is unable to routinely publish interesting videos or articles regarding what’s going on with UH FB.


If you are on Facebook or Twitter they release videos almost everyday. Clips from all aspects of Cougar FB


that’s what i mean, in previous years they would release the spring schedule mid-February.

Announce Dana will coach in a thong


Twinmom, I understand and appreciate your input. But the school is ultimately competing for the fan’s entertainment dollar (as well as future recruits). Why not publish videos of the team performing offseason workouts with motivating music? Or similar to what Chandler did, portraits of UH FB players going through the grind of being a D1 football player. Or perhaps some nostalgic motivating video clip of Coog football achievements over the past 40-50 years. Maybe some interviews with the new position coaches. FB posts of CDH meeting with area HS football coaches. Bottom line, we have to stay on people’s radar.


Parents are having a zoom meeting Thursday with coaches and staff to discuss upcoming season and any changes. As mentioned, if you are on social media, videos are posted constantly on every aspect of Cougar FB. One was posted today actually. They are starting spring ball earlier than most all DI programs like last year.


That’s what I was saying about the videos on social media. They’re almost daily. It shows works outs, meetings , practice etc. They are really good ones too.


No wonder i am missing them, I’m not on either. I guess that stuff can’t get reposted here?

Thank you, Twinmom for being a tireless advocate for the program. I appreciate you steering me in the right direction for UH FB content. I thought I was already a subscriber to UH football on FB, but I’ll check my settings to make sure I’m receiving the feed. I’m too old to be an Instagrammer or TikToker, but if it is on FB or YouTube, I can probably find it!

Perhaps I simply have unrealistic expectations and should temper my enthusiasm for Coog FB. But I think we can win and at the same time create a national brand that reflects positively on the state’s third-largest university, located in our nation’s fourth largest city.


His whole “show” wasn’t doing much for getting fans until we won like 8 straight and were ranked in the top 25. Some bad attendance games early in that first season. It’s all about winning. He was good at getting national press when we were on top, but the focus was really always back on him instead of the team.

Come out and beat Tech by 3 TDs and we will get some fans interested. The casual fans wont know how bad Tech is so there would be some buzz.


To be honest, I’m often tempted to ditch my season tickets when I see the “4 game tickets-4 hot dogs-4 drinks for $50” advertised two weeks prior to the game! Just kidding, folks…

I’m sure those 5,000 to 6,000 BYU fans that attended last year’s game appreciated the Coog family value pak!


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