How will Pandemic Effect Conference Expansion/Contraction?

Since COVID-19 is going to severely effect the country’s economy, not the least of which is all colleges/universities athletic events/activities economies which are going toward zero.
How do you think this might effect the possibilities of expansion and contraction of various conferences in the coming months & years?
Will lower television income encourage consolidation or expansion with the likes of the Pac12 and Big 12 (minus 2)?

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this will all be over in a few weeks/months, not going to affect anything



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Maybe you should just go to the store and buy more toilet paper.


All conferences will extend invitations to UH because we are close to the medical center and can treat any player that gets sick.

Pop the corks for playing 1/3 of our games in the big 10, 1/3 in the ACC, and 1/3 in the PAC. But receive a full share from each conference.


Will we see a growth of more people taking online courses and a decrease in the number of kids on campus?

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ANNUALLY 540,000 people die from Malaria.

How many people have died globally from the corona virus? 6,500?

Why did we destroy a global economy?


Yes, this seems to be a new age of political nonsense. Corona virus is the latest rage, and seems kind of like the new global warming!


Do y’all see what’s going on in Italy? They have more hospital beds per capita than we do.


Yes 1,700 people have died in Italy. There are 3,200 car deaths PER DAY. Do we stop driving?

We destroyed a world economy.


Car deaths aren’t contagious :smirk:


Who the heck cares? We are talking about numbers that are insignificant yet we brought pain onto 100% of the world’s population.

There are more restaurant workers in Houston who won’t be able to pay their rent than people who die in Italy.



This is something new. This isn’t car wrecks. It isn’t the common cold or the flu. This thing kills AND spreads like nothing we’ve ever seen.

The way to keep it somewhat at bay, prevention is worth a pound of cure. How do abate the damage? You limit your exposure.

To do nothing would be madness. To do too little and getting to where Italy is now (looking at rates and numbers of tests done, it looks almost inevitable that what we’re headed for) and that would wreck the economy even more, I think.

Trust me on this, the NCAA (everybody else in sports) would not cancel the month of March because they were worried about the common cold or a few (relativity speaking) people dying. Their doing it to minimize their losses.

Edit: we have no vaccine and woefully low on test kits. I’d rather overreact than under react.

Edit: In fairness, Italy didn’t have the two week head start that we have so I don’t want to insinuate they’re doing too little. In fact, they’ve done and are doing quite a lot but the first responders and providers are overwhelmed and the numbers keep getting worse everyday.


You are potentially looking at only a subset of the data. Look at the last column which has ICU beds which is less of an issue in the US than Italy. Also, Italy has the oldest population in Europe so this is hitting their demographic harder than elsewhere.


Hello Captain Hyperbole- ever heard of smallpox?


This thing seem to be worse than a new clear weapon. It is shutting down the world.

Because of the atrocious and duplicitous handling by the Chinese govt we’re all probably going to have to endure it now. I think the social distancing is to give us time to get our emergency situation hyper-elevated.

They cancelled the tourney to avoid a PR disaster. Every case is a public media event. But regardless of what we do its going to have a long-lasting residue in the way we congregate and travel.

An infectious disease expert on Al Jazeera English said today that sports could be curtailed for more than a year.

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Well the stock market started crashing when OPEC decided to flood the oil market to crush Russia.

And I usually catch car wrecks from other people.

According to the currently available data, sars, smallpox, and polio all have a higher mortality rate and are more contagious.


It’s affecting everything. Tell that to the waitress that just lost her job. And she’s not the only one. Not blaming the virus. It doesn’t care. But people are going to be hurting for a couple of months, at least.

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