I find it particularly disgusting

How there is a noticeable faction of people who are saying bring back Art Briles with a straight face. Even if one manages to complete the mental gymnastics necessary to set aside the perniciousness of what he did and let transpire on his watch, if he somehow got hired it would tear the fanbase apart. Want proof? Watch the replies to this thread and how polarized they are likely to be.

I for one would bail and not support the program as long as he was in charge, and that’s no small thing. Looking past what happened just to win games?

Art Briles is in no way a realistic possibility, so I wish people would just knock it off.


Agree, there is no way he should come back as our Coach.

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Aside from what went on at Baylor, he’s already made it clear what he thinks about our program. Screw him.


Just based on the way he left UH, I would never ever want him back. Add in all that went on at Baylor during his watch and it’s ridiculous to consider him for even a minute.


Uhhhh … in what universe would our prez and AD ever hire AB.

It would NEVER get that far.

Today every wacko plus the kitchen sink has shown up as our a candidate

one can either hang their head in despair OR LOL or reside somewhere in the middle :disappointed: :smile: :sunglasses:

That’s not my point. My point is the fact that there is a noticeable group of people who would even suggest this.

There is a much larger faction of people than you even realize, and a lot of them are big donors.

Here’s my issue, I think you’re over-reacting. And a lot of you guys that are over-reacting are still butt-hurt about the way Briles left us, and I get that.

But at the end of the day, Briles didn’t actually rape anyone. Some of you people are talking like Briles himself went around raping people. It’s not anywhere close to that. He made a stupid, bad decision not to report his players… of course, some would argue that when he was given SECOND HAND information (since Briles himself never actually witnessed anything) then it was only his responsibility to report what he actually KNEW to be true.

In any case, it comes down to a bad ethical choice, but Briles didn’t do anything ILLEGAL.

The people who are supporting the Briles idea want to finally see a coach who would stay at UH. They know that Briles would fit the bill because first of all he would be 62 years old at the time of hiring, and secondly it would be stipulated in his contract with a HUGE buyout.

He took one of the shittiest programs in all of college football and turned them into a powerhouse, with back to back Big12 championships and consistent top 25 rankings.

There are lots of high school coaches in Texas that know Art and want to see him get back on his feet and clear his name. These guys are going to be feeding him players the way they did at Baylor.

You want to beat Herman… you want to throw up a big middle finger F-U to Herman. Bring back Briles and dominate the state of Texas for the next 8-10 years.

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“Not to report his players”??? So you want an accomplice? I had a lot of respect for him for what he went through in his personal life when he was playing for us. The way he left us but most importantly the way he managed his time at Baylor changed my mind on him a 100%. Yes, he is a great offensive mind but you have to agree that his defenses never stopped anybody. He would be much better suited if he would go to the NFL. They do not care about ethics or criminals there.

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Not at the expense of conducting an ethical program with a “clean” HC.

There is no way it’s worth it to us or UH. The backlash would be 10 times what you’d think, just
because it’s UH who have hired him back.

If you want Briles back, go and hire Montgomery from Tulsa.

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To keep the urban Meyer culture I’d prefer to go back to Ohio state and get their offensive coordinator ED Warinner

Clemens is brilliant offensively. He never got credit for his role with Art, but he’s an equal to Monty…however, Baylor as a whole is toxic. Art shouldn’t be under consideration at all.

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Disgusting is an understatement. I feel like an abused dog everytime I see a post suggesting that bab should be considered.


Those boosters who want BABs back will have plenty of room to stretch out at the stadium next fall if their efforts are successful.


My guess is several of the “big money” boosters want Briles back because they haven’t had access like the did under his regime.

I’d never give a dime to UH under a Briles regime and I’d seriously consider getting out of my 10 year pledges for TEDCU and the IPF.

Some things are more important than football.


We hire Briles, we have no chance of getting in a P5.

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Briles would win here.

But we would be lighting a match to any hopes of getting in the ACC or Pac 12. They have no reason to invite a renegade school from Texas. So let’s not become one.


Absolutely true.

But seriously, no.
How connected was Kendall to this mess? HC Orlando, DC Strong OC Kendall Briles?

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My sentiment exactly. The moment we start talking to babs, is the moment I switch entirely to BB. Hire Art and my season tickets and my concurrent CP donations are done.


Let’s throw out the fact that the student base would mount a large walk-out for hiring someone with that kind of history. Let’s throw out a large chunk of the fan base would not renew season tickets. Let’s throw out the fact that Briles attempted to bring most of his staff before the bowl game. Let’s throw out the fact that Briles heavily recruited players that had committed to UH and even offered scholarships to players on the team already.

Even if you just focus on the football, there were major flaws. We were among the most penalized teams every year. Our defense was never good. He handled the QB situation terribly the year after Kolb graduated. He was 0-5 against the top 25 and 0-3 in bowl games. We were 34-28 with a 15-1 record against FCS and bottom 10 opponents (Rice, Tulane, Army, Marshall, TSU, Grambling State, Sam Houston)

If you want a guy that has a flashy offense, doesn’t care about defense and doesn’t always make the wisest choices off the field, bring back John Jenkins. At least he has been more loyal to UH than Briles ever has been.

I believe our A.D. when he says he has been busy with coaches interested in coming here and I think some of yall will be surprised on who we have a chance at getting.

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