I watched Tramon Mark play last night

My great-nephew is #25 for Clear Falls High School and last night they hosted Dickinson and #3, Tramon Mark. #3 can shoot 3s like it’s nothing. He had something like 13 of his team’s first 15 points. If he’s anywhere near the basket, they just throw it up and he slams it. He drives to the basket kind of like Rob Gray, as in fearless and smooth. He’s kind of slim for his frame and has some filling out to do.

We got us a good one and he might be one those one and done deals. If you haven’t checked out his video, you need to.

Falls has this freshman playing point guard that cannot be more than 5’6” and he’s already the best player on the team and really fun to watch, in my humble opinion. I hope CKS has some video on him or has seen him play.

My great-nephew got shut out and committed two turnovers and looked annoyed at my compulsory “Good game” comment but he did make all-District in football, so there’s that :blush: I hope CDH is looking at him and I digress.


5’6? Nah we’re good.

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He’s only a freshman though. He might likely still be growing. How tall was Mugsy Bogues? 5’3”?

Anyway, this post is about Tramon Mark and he might be our highest rated recruit.


I can just imagine us in the sweet 16 and facing Kentucky and their guards. Yikes.

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Johnny, when I was in 10th grade I was my current height of 5-6 and my buddy Paul was about an inch shorter tham me. By time we graduated he was 6-2. You never know.

Good point. He still has a lot room to grow. Hopefully he is not 5’6 by the time Sampson may have some interest in his game.

One and done… Mark has become a much better of a player his senior year and he’s a top 30 player no doubt. I would put him as the second best player that plays in the state of Texas behind Brown.

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He’s the highest rated player we’ve signed since House and Chicken 7-8 years ago, and three of our top 11 all-time (Internet era, of course) recruits have come in the last three classes. According to 247 we have the #3 and #6 recruits in the state. No question that CKS is bringing in the kind of talent that can make us a fixture in the NCAA Tournament.

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My nephew just confirmed there is mutual interest between us and the 5’6” freshman from Clear Falls, no offer or nothing just mutual recognition type of thing.

Anyway, it’s going to be fun to watch Mark next year. Heck, it’s fun to watch him play this year.

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If CKS wants a 5’6" guard, then I want a 5’6" guard.

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Feast yours eyes, ladies and gents!


It’s even better than that, maybe. Next year we will have of our top 10 all-time recruits

#3 Tramon Mark
#5 Nate Hinton
#6 Jamal Shead
#8 J’Wan Roberts

Mark is good enough to play as a true freshman, Roberts is red-shirting this year, and Hinton will be a junior.


One more, :smiley: #3 in white.


You’re right. I overlooked Roberts, who is a little ahead of Powell. So that means we’ve signed five of top 11 all-time (Internet era) recruits in the past three classes. Pretty impressive.


For a while there, I couldn’t determine whether the video was highlighting #3 in white or #4 in blue.

Mark is a pretty good passer, too.

Saying that Tramon is a one and done might be a tad of a stretch…he is very good and has all the tools, but he is not physically ready for the NBA yet.
That said, he should come in and help us next year…but remember we will be absolutely loaded next season. I think he does about like Hinton did his freshman year, and if that is the case we should all be very happy.
Despite playing against rather weak competition, it doesn’t take long to figure out that Mark is special and will continue to be special at the next level.
What I like about him, besides his great ability, is his aggressive behavior. He is a tough kid who like so many others coming out of high school will have to learn to maintain that tenacity all the time, especially playing for coach Sampson…
Our future is very bright guys…

I’m with you, Butch. There’s no way physically that Tramon is a one and done. Two years is most likely a stretch but that doesn’t mean he won’t be an immediate help to a team with a lot of returnees.

Great report, John. Your “good game” comment reminds of the highlight of my little league baseball career when I got a “good eye” shout out from my mom