If it's Frisco Bowl


If it’s the Frisco bowl UH should offer to buy all the tickets except the other teams allotment. Would be nice to fill the entire thing with UH fans. No reason why we would not with only 20k seats. If we have to go to that bowl, might as well get some publicity out of it. Game time is 7pm which will be good for ratings and we would be the only game on.

(Eric Prado) #2

Why? We didn’t hit 30k for our last home game.


I thought the 29k was amazing after the Tulane loss. Was expecting 15k but we have obviously come a Loooooooong way the past few years. That’s a beautiful thing because when we do win it will be sellout after sellout. We could easily fill that Frisco stadium for a bowl game. Allotment will probably be about 5k, so that leaves only 15k. Don’t forget Dallas is the B12 headquarters and filling that stadium would make an impactful statement.

(J V ) #4

Impressing the Big12? That ship has sailed. It would be fun to fill it up.

(Patrick) #5

I’d be surprised if we end up in the Frisco Bowl. Good chance we have a repeat of last year and end up in a bowl that’s not a normal AAC tie-in (Independence Bowl?).

(College of Technology Class of 1981) #6

20K? Will they even televise it?


SMU should get Frisco.


The Independence Bowl would be Awesome


It’s been kicked around on here (read: I have no clue whether it’s true) that SMU is likely to wind up in Hawaii because their fanbase is small and has money – which means they’ll travel relatively well to an expensive bowl game.


Bingo, the youngers have no idea how far the program has come…and that is in large part due to them ! Well done, keep the fire burning

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ESPN on Dec 20th 7pm Ctrl.

(Tom) #12

Hoping it’s a matchup with Florida State in Indy bowl. A chance for our seniors to go out with a major scalp ( (no pun intended)


I will be stunned if the #3 or #4 conference team winds up in the Frisco bowl but it would speak volumes as to how bad the commish of this conference is.


The 'lesser" Bowls are not awarded based on ranking or Conference finish. They are mostly awarded based on proximity and thus likelihood of attendance. If we are going to this type Bowl game, why not Frisco? I understand the area around the Bowl is fan-friendly. It’s an easy travel. We could have a good showing and a fun time. Shreveport and the Independence Bowl would be good too for the same reasons.

(Dan) #15

Last year in Vegas we were a consolation prize for sdsu (mw conference champs) to have to play a G5. That was a P12 slot and what did ESPN do? Take one of the few P5 vs. G5 bowls and make it another G5 vs. G5 bowl. Same scenario could be had this year though our resume is not as impressive. Either way look for the shuffling to minimize P5 and G5 matchups. UCF or Memphis will be my second favorite team during bowl season.

(gpropes) #16

Vegas was a one-off kind of deal. This year, the buzz is gone, nobody outside our program cares about UH, and so we’ll be sent to one of the American-affiliated bowls. I highly doubt we’d get Birmingham ahead of the Memphis/UCF loser, but who knows.

(Charles) #17

Rather have Shreveport.


I would think with the AAC champ getting the NY6 Bowl and Tulane not qualifying, there won’t be extra teams to allow for an unaffiliated bowl slot

(zx504) #19

I would go to Frisco


I would go. It’s about 15 minutes from my house