Ignore user feature finally here!

It has taken years to get this implemented. But it’s finally here. You can now ignore users completely, and you won’t see their posts, replies, or get messages from them.

The ignore feature should only be used as a last resort. Coogfans has spent 20 years building a reputation as a well moderated and friendly place for all things UH. The community here is awesome and well behaved. Please continue to be civil to each other, try to work things out and flag things as necessary. If none of those work then you can use the ignore feature. Please continue to report obvious trolls, don’t just ignore them.

There are two ways to do it:

1, You can go the the user’s profile (note NOT the pop up one, the full one).

  • or -
  1. You can add users to your ignore list on your profile preferences.


Let the blocking begin.

I get it. Again though, it should only be used as a last resort, otherwise it fragments the community. Thnx.


We all gotta be able to withstand being “offended” by others with different opinions.

Granted, the ad hominem gets old but we make our choices.

People with different opinions are just other people.


If it is Coog blocking, does that mean several will get through and pressure me?

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hitting every board!

Well played CougarDave…well played. Take a bow.

I was going to go with block or charge? LOL

True, however, there is always a couple folks we can’t reach, so having the ignore feature is necessary as a last resort. We ban those who are outright trolls and jerks… but despite what folks might think, it’s not really that often we have to do that. Sometimes there are posters we just don’t get along with, so ignore is a good option.

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Awww damn.

I definitely won’t be “ignoring” anybody.

That’s a version of giving someone the 5th grader “silent” treatment, if you ask me.

Really immature.

If you “ignore” everyone that dares to think independently and express an opinion that differs from your own…then you’ll never learn anything.

Agree, that’s why it should be a last resort. Much prefer people talk it out in a civil way, or flag things for the mods.

You can call me a 5th grader because I don’t like to read the pro UT stuff from one poster. The user never has anything positive to say about UH but gives burnt orange glowing reviews of UT so yeah, I ignored that user.

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Point taken.

I suppose that in the case of non-coogfan intruder trolls…exceptions are possible!