I'm Stepping Away For A While

(David) #61


I still have the C-USA “Wet” Cougar head t-shirt (red Cougar head and white t-shirt combo) that they gave away free at one of the games. I could not find anyone to take my extra ticket so I left and came back in and got two of those t-shirts. Maybe the Marketing Dept should have a retro t-shirt / cap day when the Coogs wear the skinny UH on Homecoming so fans can wear their old stuff. I would be okay with a C-USA Classic look mixed in every 3 or 4 yrs too.

(CoogNation_14) #62

Ditto. We are diehards and will hold our ground to prove it!

(CoogNation_14) #63

I think they just need a breather man. I do after a loss. I get so worked up and emotional, but a long nap and a long run in the morning always gets me back in the fight. YWCF!

(Ben) #64

Yes he was, he decommitted after Levine was let go.

((ㆆ _ ㆆ)) #65

Meh…nobody is stepping away I’d bet. Folks just need to vent. Human nature. Everyone will calm down by Thursday or so if they haven’t already.

But, having said that, I wasn’t kidding. I swear I will never make that trip again. Ever. LOL

(Patrick) #66

I’m glad the wife couldn’t go or I was headed up there. Decided it would be too much taking the boys up and coming back after the game.

May try New Orleans next year.

(PortlandCoog) #67

Big difference on Monday versus the weekend. I just don’t read or post much after a loss because people are so invested much of it comes across over the top.

And we do seem to have one inexplicable loss a year no matter who is the coach.

(Craig C.) #68

I rarely agree with you, however you are absolutely correct here. Defense is pathetic

(Ben) #69

We have done a week in DC/Annapolis for our last two Navy games. This next year, we’re thinking about a week in the Orlando area . . . . .

(Patrick) #70

That’s always a fun one. Would be nice if it’s later in the year, maybe right before Thanksgiving.

((ㆆ _ ㆆ)) #71

Our deal has been to choose a ‘close’ and a ‘far’ trip each year. Close meant Dallas, Tulsa, NOLA or SA when we played there. I’m really glad we chose Annapolis as the ‘far’ trip this year. It was as great a trip as we’ve had outside the Atlanta Peach Bowl.

(Wayne Shipley) #72

Oh my goodness lighten up. We are 7-2 and in the drivers seat for an AAC Championship game appearance. It is almost impossible at the G5 level to recruit enough players who can play at the P5 level and are willing to sit on the bench for a couple of years. We just can’t have players like Ed Oliver and Garrett Davis out for extended periods and not see a drop off in play. The recruits we have will be amazing to watch some day but they are not ready on day 1 as many are who go to P5 schools. Our coaches and trainers will get them there. In my opinion, they are doing a wonderful job in mentoring great players and even better people. I know it gets frustrating sometimes but giving up for me, is not an option.
Go Coogs!