Impressive Defensive Scoring Numbers


UH 2017 defense is ranked #1 in nation in 1st Quarter Defense and #8 in 1st Half Defense.
Ranked #34…21.8 pts/game, Opponent Offensive Points/Gm

D gave up 21 points and only 1 TD in 11 1st quarters, fractionally ahead Penn St which gave up 23 points in 12 games.

In the last 5 years only 6 teams have been under 2.0 points allowed:
2017…UH and Penn St
2016…Wisc 1.6
2015…Bama 1.5
2013…Louisville 0.7


Ahhhhh even the title is biased to the numbers. You’re the greatest Manster! Don’t you ever change! lol

I’m not arguing numbers. Are we not past that yet? CMD has had pretty good numbers. There now you can even quote me.

I’m suggesting a flaw within his scheme.

Post those second half rankings, and “yards per pass given up” rankings.


Houston ranked 2nd AAC yards per play allowed vs FBS teams only. Undefeated Conference Champs UCF allowed more


Not bad. Not bad at all.

What about second half rankings, and “yards per pass given up” rankings?


Knew that was coming. So CMD defense gave up 14.0 pts 2nd half. CTO defense gave up 14.4 in 1st half 2016…less in 2nd half. See yards per play below…yds per pass attempt here. Only 10 TD passes allowed…look at everybody else


We were 49th in yards allowed/pass attempt. Not terribly impressive, but not the disaster this board makes it out to be. Our second half defense was 92nd in the country, and that obviously needs to get better. Of course, by-half stats are increasingly deceptive as the game wears on because of strategic differences that aren’t captured in the stats, but whatever.

I think the most important stat, though, is points/drive. In that category, our defense gave up about 1.70 points per drive, good for 31st – not fantastic, but about the same as we were last year (1.77, 29th). In football, the goal is to score more points than your opponent in the same number of drives. Our defense this year gave us a pretty reasonable chance to do that.


That’s the issue with quoting stats, they don’t tell the whole story. The whole story-like 3 and 12 and the DC rushes 3, drops the backers into an underneath zone, and plays the corners 10 yards off of the ball. lol

SMH 92nd in the country with Tulane, Tulsa, Temple, ECU, and Rice on our schedule. How is that not a concern?Temple gave up less yards per attempt than us? On what planet do they have comparable athletes that we do on the defensive side of the ball? Is that indicative of them having a better DC, or scheme than us? Hmmmmmm


First that 92 nd rank isn’t correct. Ill explain…
team ranks Opp pst game from which T-Moar found this…includes opponent non offensive scores…so has UH D allowing 15.2 2nd half…actually allowed 14.0…memphis had KO return and Tulsa fumble Ret…so 14.0 would move UH to #74…but other teams non offensive points would need be adjusted as well. UH had no non offensive points scored against them in 1st half.

This stat takes those out…UH #34 at 21.8…Offensive points Allowed

Additionally UH faced many high scoring offenses…Memphis #3, Arizona#8 USF#11 and SMU#10, TT #34, Navy #44 and teams you criticized Smith…#52 Tulsa, #69 ECU, #70 Tulane…the offense on the other hand faced horrible defenses…AAC defenses for most part stink and offenses opposite.


Lol you can’t take out stats, and readjust them. How many defensive touchdowns did we give up? Look at the schedule:

We did not give up 2 defensive touchdowns to Memphis and Tulsa. That stat ranking is inflated, due to Arizona(don’t try to argue they were the same team to start, that they are now), and Rice. If we’re taking stuff out and re-averaging them, take those two games out and average them again.

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The point is that the D gave the offense and the team every opportunity to start off strong. I’m not saying it was the best defense in the country. Giving up 7.8 points avg in 1st half is good…that includes a 1 yard TD drive by Tulsa. We can of course debate reasons why 2nd half went up…strategy, depth, adjustments etc. Non offensive TDs by Memp and Tulsa added to this as well as a 6 yard drive by Tulsa in 2nd half off 2nd Postma int. And Tulsa TD where Davis lets go WR as well.

Defense gave up 7 first half points vs USF which came on a 37 yard drive after offense failed 4th down…and USF needed convert two 4th downs to score. And we were down 7-0 at half.
In the end the defense held many good scoring offenses below their aves, and in some cases well below.


Whats the point? last year UH played Lamar and N. Texas…this year Rice was only gimme.
What did I take out?

We gave up 5 defensive TDs to Memphis…where did I say we didn’t?
We gave up 5 defensive TDs vs Tulsa…however 2 of them were on 1 and 6 yard drives, another was on G. Davis brain fart…allowing guy go free before whistle.

Re Arizona…The QB that played majority game vs UH, Dawkins started 2 games before Uh game and 1 after. they scored 62, 63 and 24 in those games…16 vs UH.

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Most important stat for the conference… gave up 35 points in second half to Memphis !!

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Manster, if you continue to provide all these facts this board is going to lose about 10% (haters), then who’s going to be left to whine? Sunshine pumpers! We can’t have that. Stop it.

Next thing there will be complaints about not being able to see the downtown skyline, and how many other stadiums in the US have better views. And you’ll have to find or make up stats for that…


Take a step back and ask yourself, is that accurate? Our offense turned the ball over 5 times and their defense scored 5 TDs (i.e fumble in the endzone, pick-6)?

I didn’t even read the rest, because now you’re talking about last year. Haven’t we been over this? Teams are not the same unless 100% of the players, and 100% of the coaches return.

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Some serious game playing with stats here.


Lol Oh the contrary, my dear friend. Stats are not “facts”, and ironically, sunshine pumpers are over zealous fans who pump positive information above all; this subject is the opposite, and Manster would be the one pumping sunshine in this instance! :joy::joy:


You present a “fact “ that UH is number 1 at something and nobody is happy about it…smh


Stats are not “facts”. :joy:

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:joy:Smitty, says it all. In the eyes of the beholder:joy: