In-home visit w/LJ Cryer

(Tom Green) #21

That heavy lifting got him worn out. Think we may need to call him our Coogs version of Mel Kiper!.

(Tom Green) #22

It’s not about not appreciating his work, I certainly do. It was where I saw a site where Mills was ranked #8 out of NC. Progs says #7 which I’m sure is correct for where he gets his info. Didn’t see it necessary for him to try and say mine is incorrect, I’m not pulling it out the sky. Besides my post was like over 3 weeks old. I did light lifting and saw him rated #8.


Armoni would had graduated but yeah, ive heard he can shoot it well and pass.

(Munzell Milluns) #25

Oops…you’re right. I keep forgetting my years. I get that mixed up a lot. Let’s say will Mills, Hinton, and Smith…with Cryer on the outside making plays.

If Sampson brings in two of any three on the top of the list we are set for the next four years. Please tell me Tyreek is coming here.

(Mike Higdon) #26

To give some reference for comparison:
The population of North Carolina is 8.32 million
The population of the Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land area is 6.89 million.
The population of the Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex is 7.5 million

Being in the top 10 in NC is about like the Dallas Ft. Worth area. Being top 10 in Texas is being a bigger fish in a much bigger pond. That is not to take anything away from the subjective ratings of any particular player. Sports history is replete with guys not highly rated coming out of hish school that became mega stars in college and in the pros.

I want whomever CKS wants. I will be happy with anyone he signs, he has earned my trust and I will never 2nd guess his decisions.


Memphis is turning into Kentucky :flushed::flushed::flushed:

They just landed Lester and are favs for Boogie & Precious.

We’re going to need sum bigs just to win conf.

(Mike Higdon) #28

Don’t take it personal Chester, I am sure he was just trying to give the kid his full just dessrts. It was more of being positive about Mills than nailing you.

(Tom Green) #29

Appreciate Mr Mike, wasn’t really big deal. Was just surprised he corrected me when obviously from one site to another the rankings can be slotted a couple #s different on individual players. Much less just one ranking # off on said player. As the late great announcer Dick Enberg would say— “Oh my” .

(Munzell Milluns) #30

Memphis is going DEFCON 5.

They’re either headed for the Death Penalty or the Final Four.


Could be both.


It should get us ready if or when we face these top teams like Kentucky/Duke in the tournament :innocent::pray:

(Munzell Milluns) #34

They’re scary. Like living in a middle class neighborhood and your next door neighbor has three Ferraris parked in the driveway.

What they up to?

(David) #35

They are Penny-wise

(Mike Higdon) #36

I don’t think Memphis is doing anything illegal. They have a former NBA starter coaching and great crowd support. Add that to a good season and Penny can sell them on a vision of success. We will just have to beat them on the court, but our recruiting is picking up too. I’m looking for great things from the Coogs and the AAC in basketball. I can see this becoming a premier basketball conference in the near future.


If he’s not doing anything illegal, he better win at a nice rate if he wants to continue to recruit at this ridiculous level. But him landing Precious has been pretty fishy. No connection there to speak of.


Long time reader.

1st post
Precious Achiuwa & Lester Quinones were high school teammates at St Benedict’s Prep,NJ & played AAU together.
Good friends from hoop .

Both moved to Florida in August, 18 - different schools.
Quinones on the post grad team@ IMG.
Achiuwa on the high school team @ Montverde.


Actually, this is more of an indictment lol. Lester was a long time lean to LSU before the Wade incident with the FBI line taps lol. Then he just moved away from them after that. If anything, Lester told Precious about how “good” he was being treated by Memphis, so he bit on the chance to joined him in Memphis.

(Eric) #40

jesus. conspiracy much?

(Russell Wayne Sollock) #41

Another swing and miss.

So I guess Hinton and Mills are fishy coming here. Based on that logic.

(Butch) #42

Funny this thread started about a visit with Cryer and we have some a long ways since LOL…anyone know if we have a shot at Cryer? I know he has been hurt but he will get healthy and he is a stud. He would be a real coup for our Coogs to sign…