It's official - March Madness cancelled

Tourney officially cancelled…


What is next? I hope stores and malls aren’t next.

All the states on the west coast have banned any public gatherings of 250 or more. We are having to cancel our next two shows because our venue has shut down for 2 months: @ http://www.TeslaCityStories. Which we understand at this point. The economic impact is going to be severe.

So, let’s all help each other and try to avoid bickering. These are strange days.


This is just getting crazy. New territory being tread here, and the blueprint for the new normal for the next Pandemic.

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Not bickering. Just hoping this don’t lead to layoffs. I have been there too many times already. Economic things do bother me.

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I run my own business and already feeling it… but many will have it far worse than I do. I mean think of all the people who were going to work the rodeo, or here in Portland, there’s like 2500 people who work at the Moda Center (where the Blazers play), all out of a job. All the hospitality jobs, it’s going to hit everyone.


Unfortunately, I haven’t fully recovered from my last layoff. About to start a new job in less than two weeks. This timing is not good at all. 2009 Was truly horrible, but we didn’t have kids at the time. Whatever the impact, I hope it isn’t near that. Who would have thought, people deciding to eat stuff that most wouldn’t would affect so many.

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He’s equating it back to where the virus is believed to have started. But let’s not go down the rabbit hole on this one please.


Oh I just read about the origins. I highly doubt it’s from eating bats. After all they don’t eat them raw. Much more likely to have jumped to other animals and then humans from there.

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Great question. We don’t know. But again, if you look at these sequences and you think about these wet markets in China, where you have a lot of live animals that are for sale, some of them legally, some of them less legally, that appears to be at least where this particular coronavirus, which is infecting us now and is causing these epidemics, that’s where there’s a big focus of this particular virus. So, probably what happened, is there were some wild animals in that market that were infected by a bat virus originally. How, you may ask, how does a bat virus end up in some of these animals in a wet market? What we think happened, again this is projection, but given the molecular detective work that a lot of people have been doing, not me, but lots of other people have been doing, it looks as if this particular virus probably came out of a bat, and the way things come out of bats is usually in their guano [excrement of seabirds and bats], so, and coronaviruses in bats are mostly intestinal viruses, they’re not respiratory viruses, quite why that is is not entirely clear, but it probably came out in the bat guano, and then some other animal either ate that guano, was exposed to it somehow, that then ended up in the wet market. It might have been pangolins, and you might have heard of the pangolins before

Tmi!! :hot_face:

No UH or pro sports to follow. We’re all about to experience a sports detox that we didn’t expect or want. I may need to seek therapy.


I’m about to get ripped. No kidding.

Finished EL CHAPO and Narcos.

Guess I’ll be on the Peloton until Football season.


I believe it was pangolin and not rabbit

Umm now that sports are over i need some new excuses for why i am drinking.


No need for excuses. Just sneak! Nobody needs to know.

At least the coogs had a great season , won a championship and ended the regular season ranked in the Top 25. Everyone who looks on this yr will have known we would have made the tourney. Next yr will have some great shooters coming in like TM.


Time for ESPN8 to save American society.

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