It's time to get your butt in gear (Fertitta Center)

(PMM) #489

No comments about the “gender neutral” RR’s. Was anyone using them … or just confused as to why we have them !!

(PMM) #490

If you can identify as a woman ( for a while), you could use one of the 5 female RR’s !


That RR will make us look good to the PAC12.

(Jason Lee) #492




(Cristian) #494

Does anyone know when the statue of Hofheinz will be put on display or did i miss it as i was walking in?

(PMM) #495

Wasn’t there Saturday night, but the platform/flower bed for it was in place. My guess is there will be a ceremony
when it is unveiled as well as the renaming of that part of Holman.

(Cougarpad) #496

We also need a statue of Guy V at the other entrance. Maybe put a statue of him and behind him put statues of the retired jerseys for the great players who played for him.


Lololo behave guys lol

(Mike Higdon) #498

I thought those were for family use where a person may take a child of different gender. Not too many daddies want to take a small daughter into the men’s room. I never liked taking my 5 year old into a men’s room, so if bride didn’t go, where I took my daughter had restrooms taken into consideration.

(Jimmy Morris) #499

I’m going to say at least 75% of college basketball fans, in Houston, over the age of 30 think it means that. What it actually is meant for is anybody to use. The growing acceptance among the college community is that not all males are comfortable in male bathrooms, females in female bathrooms and there are some that don’t consider themselves male or female.

FYI, this is not a political statement or a judgment. It’s only a reason so please no one reply to me with the assumption how I feel about it.

(PMM) #500

Isn’t there a city ordinance now that requires this in public places ??

Thought there was, but I could certainly be wrong.

(Jimmy Morris) #501

Better chance it’s an NCAA thing or just thinking ahead to avoid future protests.

(Patrick) #502

No, it got voted down.

(Charles) #503

As long as they figure out how to keep paper towels stocked in the men’s room. That seems to challenge our Facilities Department.