It's time to get your butt in gear (Fertitta Center)


Those new costumes are truly awful.

However, if that’s the worst thing that happened after a debut of a new stadium and the opening game, I’ll take it.

(Cougarpad) #470

I hope they get ripped on social media just so they will be changed back to the old costumes. I’m willing to take UH being embarrassed a little on twitter to get this fixed.


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(Katie) #472

My kid really disliked the new Shasta and Sasha. They don’t look like cougars, more like an odd bear and dog combo with massive feet. Awful.

The rest of the evening was fantastic.


Hahaha…odd bear and dog combo is a perfect description. :smile:


Whoever was the designing Architect know better to split the water closets evenly among the women & Men, if what you are saying is true (at work, couldn’t go to opening). Also Tillman and Khator should have seen those things in the DD or CD phase…you can’t have more women than men Restrooms. This project should have never been approved if that is the case…

(Cougarpad) #475

Yeah, there are only two men’s restrooms and while they are really nice facilities they are not super large. There are 5 women’s restrooms at the Fertitta Center. The whole concourse side above the club doesn’t have a men’s restroom.


Wow, that is amazing…I have never seen anything like that before. I am white sure my Architect brethren on this board would agree. How did that get passed everyone’s eyes???

(Cougarpad) #477

See only two restrooms. Maybe the UH administration never thought about it because they will never be using the regular fan restrooms.

(Nathan) #478

They stated on the news the other night that the number of men’s stalls had been doubled and the number of women’s stalls had been tripled.

Sashta’s feet are horrible. They look awkward walking around. Thy walk like they are wearing flippers. Go back to the sneakers.

(Cougarpad) #479

That is inaccurate because it would mean we only had one restroom for the men in the Hoff. Did the construction company screw up the construction of the restrooms? Somebody did not order enough urinals.

(O. Emmanuel) #480

You 2 are ridiculous. Y’all wring your hands over a wall for weeks on end and now it’s about bathrooms. The men’s bathrooms are on opposite sides so no side is without one. At event centers common wisdom is that you can never have enough women’s restrooms (they spend more time in there and they really hate if there is a line). They also take up more space as stalls need more sqft than urinals that predominate men’s restrooms. As both the number of WC for men and women were increased from the old Hoff then it’s really not a problem. How bout y’all applaud the university and a first rate design team for an incredible job well done. Give props that are due.

(Cougarpad) #481

Hey, it is a beautiful arena and I am super impressed! It doesn’t even look like the same building. It seems so much airier and lightened up. I just noticed an error on the design and wanted to see if anybody else noticed. The 2 men’s restrooms are nice and our hotel conference quality.

(O. Emmanuel) #482

Stalls (toilets) not actual restroom locations. Planning for restrooms is a basic ratio based off of venue capacity. The design team aren’t amateurs. Stop this.

(Nathan) #483

I said stalls not restrooms. And by stalls I assume they meant water closets and not actual stalls but I don’t know.

(O. Emmanuel) #484

You’re correct.

(Cougarpad) #485

Wow, so I can’t point out a design flaw? I love the new arena and was shocked at how great it looked! I love how they even gutted some of the ceilings in the concourse to the beams as well. It no longer feels like a cavern as the old Hoff did.

(O. Emmanuel) #486

Having 2 men’s restroom locations is not a design flaw.

FYI: there were only 2 locations in the old Hoff. Have a good night.

(Jimmy Morris) #487

According to Title IX, the percentage of women’s restrooms should be proportionate to the percentage of women on campus.

I kid! I kid!


Tried to go to at half time and the line outside the men’s room was 2 blocks long. Not only are there too few men’s rooms, the ones they have are half the size they were in the Hof.